Breaking Bad TV Review – Ep 4 – “Fifty-One”

by on August 8, 2012

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We’re at the midway point of the first part of the fifth season of Breaking Bad and so far, so bad… in a good bad way! Last night’s episode highlighted a few things of note.

Breaking Bad TV review, Bryan Cranston as Walter White

Skylar was the main focus of the night. She’s pinned in a corner with nowhere to go but she is trying to get hers and Walt’s kids out of the house. It’s plain and simple – if they’re going back to dealing, she feels that the kids are in danger. She wants them out of the house. At least that’s her primary concern.

And while the White’s had Hank and Marie over to quietly celebrate Walt’s 51st birthday, Skylar had a bit of a moment and walked into the pool during the “festivities.” Whether she was losing it or this was just a calculated move, whichever, it succeeded in getting the kids out of the house, with Marie and Hank watching them.

Then Walt and Skylar had it out… where she tells him she wants out or him out. And when Walt asked her how she was going to do that, each idea or plan she had, he had an answer for.

And then she said “it.” Then she’ll just wait until his cancer comes back. Wow. That hit this household pretty hard because of what we’ve recently been through. And yet, if you go back to the teaser scene in the first episode, Walt was buying a very big gun and was coughing intermittently.

In other situations around the show, the big one was Mike’s lady business buddy trying to scare them off. He wanted to go off and kill her but Walt and Jesse stopped him. She’s a weak link and I worry about this woman.

And Jesse got Walt a birthday present, and later, during one of their heart-to-hearts, Walt tells Skylar that the watch came from a man who wanted to kill him but came around. And she too will come around.

Walt is continuing on his cruise of power, acting as if nothing can stop him. And maybe, if he makes the right decisions, he won’t be. But he’s now leasing two muscle cars… one for him and one for Walt Jr..

Oh, and Hank was offered a promotion of being in charge of the local DEA office.

I’m not looking forward to when Hank starts to put things together about Walt… if he does. We’ll see.

And so far, Breaking Bad is delivering the goods, like never before. Sure, it’s a bit different what with Walt in charge rather than fearing or fighting for his life, but it’s still classic Bad.

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Bruce Simmons August 12, 2012 at 8:38 pm

His fall last season put him in some serious traction in the hospital. He can barely talk, at least the last time we saw him JM.

JM August 12, 2012 at 8:26 pm

What happened with Skyler’s former boss? With all the Skyler focus last week I would have thought he’d have made an appearance.

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