Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul’s Emmy: Thanks Gilligan For Not Killing Him Off?

by on September 24, 2012

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Aaron Paul in - Breaking BadLast night it took three hours to hand out 23 2012 Emmy Awards and the only Emmy brought home from AMC’s Breaking Bad was Aaron Paul‘s “Supporting Actor In A Drama Series.”

The man from Emmett, Idaho seemed pretty humble and didn’t toss out any “Jesse” lines, though I was hoping/waiting for them. And unlike some actors, actually sounded like, or had his character’s accent. (I’m always shocked to hear a Brit speak when I had no clue.)

Aaron Paul was surprised he beat out Breaking Bad co-star Giancarlo Esposito for this nod, and then proceeded to thank Vince Gilligan for not killing him off and his parents for kicking him out of the house to pursue his dreams.

He then blushed on and on about his fiancee, the incredibly beautiful Lauren Parsekian. He called her inspiring and said to her from the podium that “you truly saved me.”

But his thank you’s included a line that sparked a few digitally raised eyebrows, and that was when, during one of the thanks, he said

thanks to Vince Gilligan and the writers for not killing me off.

On Twitter I saw some questionable references, wondering or at least pinging traffic, asking out loud if he just gave something away.

Yes, he did Virginia!

From the long-ago time of season 1, episode 9, Vince Gilligan had a plan for Jesse to get killed off in a bad drug deal. But he saw something in Paul and chose not to, deciding instead to keep him around.

I knew this off the top of my head, but I dug up an old video for you to watch, which you can see at the bottom of this piece.

There’s that.  This now makes it 2 Emmy’s for Aaron Paul, to add to his 2 Saturns and 6 other award nominations.



FYI: Did you know that Aaron Paul was on The Price Is Right back in 1998?

Watch this clip of clips from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno show (And watch Bob Barker’s math challenge at the end of the clip. LOL)

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Vince Gilligan on not killing off Jesse:

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