BREEDS by Keith C Blackmore, A Book Review

by on September 8, 2016

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Breeds, a book review

In a near deserted coastal village, odd things are happening. Strangers are asking questions about the town’s recluse. A local hunter discovers naked footprints in the snow. The stray dog population has ceased to exist. And with winter’s most powerful weapon bearing down, things are about to become much, much worse.

A werewolf book. Not a romance. Not at all.”

Above is the pitch for the book and I love it. Additionally, in the first page, the author, Keith C. Blackmore, warns you that if you don’t like bad things happening to dogs, go away.

Breeds is a werewolf story that takes place on an isolated island, in an isolated town populated by tough, simple country folk. It starts out innocent enough, as we are introduced to a few characters, but as the story develops along, we are given a fun werewolf tale of survival and secret organizations.

Blackmore does not deliver any kind of new or unique revelation to the lore of the world of werewolves, but what he does deliver is a fun page-turning story that is much akin to an excellent episode of your favorite action-adventure TV series.

We have the good guy(s), the neutral player characters and standard collection of “red shirts,” and we have the bad guy and his plans.

I liked seeing “behind the scenes,” so to speak, into the society of werewolves and how, when they need to, they heal. Not heel, heal. I don’t think I’d try training a werewolf to heel. That would just be bad news all around on a full moon night. Additionally, I also enjoyed the secretive yet governing body that does its best to keep the myth of the werewolf out of the public eye.

It could be considered a touch gory, but nothing horrid. At least as far as I’m concerned while I enjoyed the mystery presented, the action that followed, and the ending was pretty much in line with what I had hoped for, even if it might have been slightly predictable. But that’s not a bad thing, because things I kept expecting to happen at certain moments did not.

Breeds is a fun, refreshing spin of a tale that’s worth the time to enjoy reading. It’s like a great episode of The CW’s Supernatural! And it has a 4.6/5 stars review score on Amazon, at the time of this writing.

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