Brian Dietzen Is Now an ‘NCIS’ Regular! What!?

by on June 20, 2012

in Entertainment

Brian Dietzen in 'NCIS'As odd as the NCIS casting news sounds, that the man who plays Ducky’s right-hand man in the autopsy room, Jimmy Palmer, played by Brian Dietzen, has been promoted to a series regular.

Yes, a series regular. Which seems odd to say the least, considering that fans have been watching the man on NCIS now for what, eight years?

Yet apparently, he’s been portraying his role on a first-come, first-served kind of basis.

But now CBS is set him up with a contract for the upcoming 10th season.

If you’re confused, so am I. But be it as it may, he’s now considered a series regular and it’s interesting timing that this is done, considering we still aren’t fully aware of a few other contracts and their status.

With this news, it’s pointed out that now that he’s technically a series regular, you will be seeing him in the opening credits of NCIS.

Of course, the timing of his getting a contract can’t be overlooked. Thinking about Ducky’s heart attack in the last season finale and I believe there are still some contracts still up in the air, I’m sure this can’t really be a precursor to any bad news. Right?

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