Bruce Saw ‘Prometheus.’ Is It Worth Your Time?

by on June 8, 2012

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'Prometheus' Movie ReviewOver the last few weeks, I was catching some movie reviews of Prometheus from overseas.  I saw some dour words about focus on faith and how some issues are addressed and quickly dismissed within the story.

It had me concerned about Prometheus, but then I started noticing that the general public was giving it great scores on the various websites that movie fans visit.

So I headed out to catch the show and crank out this quickie movie review!

I really don’t want to spoil anything, so I’m not even going to describe the details of the opening scenes, but needless to say, we are treated to three different introductory situations to help set the tone.

Each scene has its own power of persuasion, as my curiosity was definitely persuaded to peak out and wonder what did that mean?  Whose that?  How do they fit into this huge prequelish (?) puzzle that shows how, or why our favorite, acid-for-blood space alien came into being.

In the very early phases of production, the world heard this was a prequel to Alien.  Then Ridley Scott did himself a disservice by trying to tell people this was not a prequel.  OR did he?  If, after seeing the movie, you may realize that this could very well be a reboot of the franchise.  I’ll explain later in my spoiler chat coming up later.

We have the Weyland Corporation and it’s androids, it’s ship-board staff and contractors and the scientists who discovered the original message etched on cave walls and what not around Earth, that led them to this planet.

We get to see the early tech of those sleeper tanks for long journeys and the ship itself, the Prometheus, is a wonderful piece of imagination and construction.

Overall, this movie was an engaging piece of work and I think Ridley Scott pulled it off.  It can be seen as a prequel but it isn’t…  it’s a reboot that parallels the present franchise closely.

There were a few things I found a bit quirky and also, coming into the movie looking for every detail I could to see how or what, or why it becomes the alien we have all come to know and love. (Well, love-hate kind of love).

Without saying, it, I will say that if you developed some interesting questions from the first movie, most of them will be answered in a fashion with Prometheus.

We are also left with an interesting closing that will give movie-goers lots to talk about and ponder!

Noomi Rapace was wonderful, Logan Marshall-Green was pretty good, but his character has a dichotomy or two.

Michael Fassbender made his android character quite compelling, and I don’t mean the phone!

Charlize Theron seemed a bit focused and almost one-dimensional.  Guy Pearce did what he needed to so with his role…

Which reminds me, we see Guy Pearce in all the viral marketing videos.  IT IS OK TO SEE that material.  It’s all pre-story that gives the world of the movie some depth.  In fact, it’s all extra footage giving you the mindset of the Weyland Corporation.

[Brusimm Prometheus photo album on FB (Don’t need an account to see it.]

Is Prometheus worth the price of admission?  Most definitely.  The anticipation for the movie was easily seen today.  I think this was the most crowded I’ve ever seen a mid-day Friday screening ever.  Coming out of the theater, I overheard people muttering how awesome the movie was.

On the bubble?  GO SEE IT!  If you’re a fan of the Alien franchise, you will probably love the prequel Prometheus. I think Ridley Scott did a great job pulling this out of the hat.  Even if it feels like a bit of a rip on the present-standing franchise.

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