Brusimm’s YouTube Channel Terminated

by on November 26, 2013

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brusimm YOUTUBE channel terminated

If you’ve come across any post on this site where the YouTube video is not available, well, that’s not a glitch, but rather, a problem I’m having from YouTube.

Last week someone lodged a complaint with YouTube that my uploaded video, “Pacific Rim – Full Movie Clip # 1,” was in violation of community standards.  YouTube erred on the side of caution and shut down my entire channel.  (I ran into this with an Iron Man movie trailer last year, so this isn’t my first dance with this issue of movie clips and trailers being in violation of some rule, per some user flagrantly pinging my content.)

The only issue that I can think caused this might have arisen from a commenting asshat who had to leave a comment on the video that it’s a trailer, not a clip.  (You know that kind person I’m talking about who sends sharp-tongued criticism from behind their keyboard.)  I presume having lost the conversation, the user filed the complaint.

Since I used the wrong term of clip instead of trailer, I think that’s the technical reason for being in violation of YT Community Guidelines: misleading verbiage to pitch my content.

I’m working on it and will update you in due course to the resolution of the situation.  Though, to be honest, I think I’m on the losing end here.  Though, since I live down the street from Google, I might take a walk and visit to see if I can get any kind of constructive feedback on the situation.  We’ll see what comes of this latest round of appeals.

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