BULLET RAIN by Robert Swartwood, A Book Review

by on December 18, 2017

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Book Review of Bullet Rain

Bullet Rain – A Nova Bartkowski Novel novel is a book in a series called the Holly Lin Series, by Robert Swartwood.

The teaser text reads,

“Nova is a free man. Having just walked away as a non-sanctioned hit man for the U.S. government, he’s purchased a classic Mustang to drive across the country. But when his car breaks down in the middle of the Nevada desert, Nova ends up in the small town of Parrot Spur. There’s something strange about Parrot Spur. Something … off. Maybe it’s the fact the town is full of ex-servicemen. Maybe it’s the fact the abandoned mine might not be abandoned. Maybe it’s the fact the knockout brunette in the bar is clearly more than what she seems. In the end, none of it matters. What matters β€” and what Nova is soon going to learn β€” is that in the desert, the only thing that rains is bullets.”

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Reading this book, it felt like I found a decent update or replacement for my Rambo fix. We follow Nova, as he’s driving through a small desert town. But we meet him via the sniper on a hillside, who is told on a radio to take out the tires of his car. Two sniped shots later, Nova is walking back to town to get help.

But once there, he gets into an altercation while protecting a girl from some local hoodlums looking for a good time. This gets Nova put in jail, but only as a place to stay because the Sheriff thinks that’s best for everyone involved.

But the girl Nova saved was there for a reason all her own, looking for her brother who disappeared while working for a mine in this town.

So the two meet, she gives Nova a lift into the next town, but notices that his car has disappeared from where it “broke” down. Back in town, Nova files a missing car report and the Sheriff offers to take to the neighboring town to buy a car, and hopes out loud, “I hope you had good insurance.”

But dude, you mess with his prized possession and well, you take it to the next level for Nova. But then the girl gets in trouble and suddenly Nova finds himself getting involved with things he should just ignore. But noooo, the good guy in him won’t let him leave.

But fortunately, Nova has some mad skills, along the lines of Rambo, and that is a world of hurt for the bad guys as he turned his attention to this dirt bowl of a tiny town, “abandoned” mine and his new friend.

– – –

This book was like a fast-paced action adventure episode of your favorite TV show. There were a lot of non-surprising moments to move the story along, and standard action resolution moments.

There is apparently a book prior to this one that gives you some additional insight to our main character, but not necessary.

What this book is, is a fun, fast-paced read. The hero always makes the right move at the right time, after one or two trial and error guesses, but hey, that’s OK, it’s like a guilty pleasure read. Right?

And that’s what I’m calling it, a guily pleasure, easy read kind of book by Robert Swartwood


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