Cameron Wants to Direct ‘Prometheus’ Sequel: Filed Under Premature News

by on April 3, 2012

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News on the street is that a person has said they want to be part of the next movie… before the first movie comes out.

Where have we heard that before?  We hear it a lot around the industry of Hollywood when TV shows are renewed before the first episode of the first season even airs.  (Present example…  Starz “renewing” Magic City…  a show that hasn’t aired yet.)  Or when media takes a soundbite from an actor that says I’d love to be in an upcoming project… that hasn’t lifted off the ground yet.

That is the media buzz engine of the entertainment industry.  It’s sort of fun but when press and press-like entities get a-hold of soundbites, well, they take on a life of their own.

But this time around, because of past history, this soundbite seemed to have some form of substance.

It was being reported that James Cameron was interested in directing the sequel to the Alien prequel movie, Prometheus, before it’s even hit the box office.

And the news had potential.

Ridley Scott returns to the Alien universe with an origins type movie titled Prometheus that may explain how our favorite acid-drooling Alien came into being.  Plus we might get to finally see that big astronaut again.

And because James Cameron did pick up the Alien franchise the last time around, with Aliens, people snatched this news item up pretty fast.

Me, I scoffed at it just because it fell into that premature marketing news.  But only because…  I figured I’d wait until all the details hashed itself out… which after a few months, they always do.  That and I don’t have the time chasing every news bite.

In this case, the April Fool‘s joke did indeed unintentionally pan out and now some folk are retracting the “news.”

So if you had not heard, I thought I’d share with ya that the Cameron/Prometheus sequel news was just a misquote from Cameron tossing out an obscure soundbite in an interview.


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