Can Joss Whedon Direct THE AVENGERS? In a Word, With SERENITY!

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Joss Whedon Directing THE AVENGERS Superhero Movie

After Joss Whedon was announced as being in the final stages of contract negotiations to direct Marvel Entertainment’s superhero movie, The Avengers, websites started to have a field day. Folks that understand Joss Whedon’s abilities were happy and supportive. Other folk who may have never actually become immersed in anything from Joss Whedon (Meaning never really watched or read) questioned the call for Whedon to direct The Avengers.

Some are fixated on the idea that Whedon could ruin what has already been put forth before him, despite there only having been a few Marvel character movies released to date, that had any kind of quality behind them. We’re banking that some upcoming projects will do as well as Wolverine, Spider-Man or Iron Man has done in their U.S. Box Office performance. But we haven’t seen Thor yet. Captain America has barely begun casting, yet we seem to already think they’re going to be good movies that will go awry when all the characters are pulled together under The Avengers movie project. That seems pretty presumptuous.

If you dwell on it, Joss Whedon already knows comics and has worked on multiple projects that deal with several characters tossed into the same situation. And they’re not female-centric projects. I had to throw that out there because some are also tossing out there that Joss doesn’t understand the male-dominated dynamics in a group setting. Hogwash. Joss hasn’t gotten where he is today by being a one dimension character writer.

The Avengers Superhero Movie influenced by SERENITY

I do have one word for everyone out there: SERENITY.

I’m not even going to go anywhere near the debacle that happened with the series Firefly, of which the Serenity sci fi movie is based. Suffice it to say that when a studio reorders the episodes so badly that any continuity goes out the window and hurts any chance for a show to do any good, it can’t be blamed on a guy who has had a successful & appreciated career.

  • Roseanne: 18 ep as Story Editor
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 145 eps as Writer and Exec Producer, directing 22 episodes.
  • Angel: Writer, Executive producer for 111 episodes.
  • Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: Writer, Creator, Producer.
  • Astonishing X-Men, Marvel Comics: Writer
  • Runaways, Marvel Comics: Writer
  • Marvel Civil War 7: Attributed with contributing ideas for the ending.

Joss Whedon has a proven track record across multiple mediums as we can see from this very short list of past experiences.

Marvel seems to understand what it takes to create a good on-screen ensemble of franchise material. When you doubt the choice of Joss Whedon as a writer/director, you’re pretty much slamming your own trust in Marvel Entertainment’s ability to bring their projects forward in the best fashion possible.

If you can muster up the nerve, find a way to catch Serenity. Yes, it’s the culmination of the Firefly series, but the movie can stand alone and you never need to have watched a single episode of Firefly to be brought up to speed.

If you’re not a fan of the conjoined genre of science fiction, westerns and civil war 500 years in the future, then sure, you’re going to already have installed issues. But if you can get past that and see the movie for what it is, you may find that the direction is spot-on for several reasons. It brings the newbie up to speed seamlessly, the writing allows you to enjoy Serenity and not wonder what happened in the series. If you stop to ponder it, Serenity is about several different people, heroes or anti-heroes, all in the same story. A story that I enjoyed and despite so many characters, each had their own history to add to the equation, and yet all have the same focus in a fashion that could only be described as inter-character loyalty to the shared end game. The same could be said for Buffy The Vampire Slayer fantasy TV series.

Joss Whedon directing The Avengers, I think is a great choice for everyone involved.

The Avengers will be handled by a seasoned X-Men comics writer. It’s being directed and adjusted by someone who understands the ins and outs of how to write to the strengths and weaknesses of a hero, regardless of gender. If this movie isn’t messed with by the studio to meet certain marketing needs too much, the superhero genre fan public will finally see what it is that makes Joss Whedon special in the eyes of his fans.

It’s a great break-out opportunity for everyone involved. Sure Joss Whedon has yet to have a critically acclaimed, successful movie. Sure, let’s not count what he did with Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog that recently took the entertainment industry by storm and sent a message saying we don’t need your creative oversight Mr. Network, to make a fantastic “movie” or project that fans will flock to.

But I focus on how he pulled everyone together and delivered Serenity for the fans of the sci fi TV series Firefly, and gave them something that was better than the entire series.

Serenity / Firefly, the series has a few stars that you might all recognize!

  • Nathan Fillion,
  • Morena Baccarin,
  • Adam Baldwin,
  • Summer Glau,
  • Alan Tudyk,
  • Jewel Staite,
  • Ron Glass,
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor (Serenity only)

As far as I’m concerned, I find it fascinating that we can diss on a man who has proven time and again he can pull teams of characters together and deliver wonderfully complex chemistry and make it easily digested. I find it fascinating that somehow, some folk can start dissing his handling of multiple character movies. We seem to have a lot of faith in Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America, when they haven’t even hit the box office yet.

For all we know, he may just improve on the process all together.

As long as he’s left to run the ship and no one does the “Fox Network” thing, and take over creative control that’s propagated by God knows what, I think this culmination of several years of teasing, The Avengers, will do well enough.

Patience folks. Time is always the one true, telling factor in just about every equation ever brought forth. Time and truth will say who is right and or wrong about Joss Whedon being tagged by Marvel Entertainment for The Avengers superhero move.

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Below is a HD version of the Movie Trailer for the release of Serenity. If you like that, find a friend who has the DVD or Blu-ray of it and take a little while to see why the franchise has the fans it does.

“She is a might unpredictable. Mood swings of a sort.”

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