Can MGM’s Woes Spell Trouble for STARGATE UNIVERSE

by on April 23, 2010

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Stargate Universe fans have to wonder, if MGM is floundering around, bail buckets in hand trying to figure out where to best spend their money in this time of financial issues. As it is, they’ve pulled their latest James Bond project off the production table for now.

But if Stargate Universe, albeit, Stargate, is one of MGM’s biggest named franchises is victim to the money troubles they’re experiencing, what’s the probability of a struggling, low-rated science fiction TV series that airs on Friday nights, and headed to Tuesdays is going to fare through the budget crisis? I mean it is almost a $4 billion debt they’re dealing with.

That’s what Michael Hinman ponders over at Airlock Alpha today as he chatted with a source inside the Stargate production team up in Vancouver.

Filming for season 2 of Stargate Universe has resumed, and the cast and crew soldier on, trying not to worry too much about the possibilities. And if the production crew have listened to what the fans were grumbling about from the first part of the season, I think they should be OK.

One of those possibilities though, is that they’ll be left alone to continue the series. Despite James Bond being tabled, it can take a studio years to recoup their investment… if at all. But TV series can generate profitable returns much sooner.

Despite this, if MGM does hit bankruptcy, there’s no telling what is going to happen to Stargate Universe. I can’t imagine MGM dumping it, but tough times force weird things to happen. Cross your fingers!

[Airlock Alpha]

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Syahrul ginanjar March 31, 2011 at 5:41 am

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