Can NASCAR Drivers Be Actors? HBO Thinks So!

by on December 20, 2010

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To Appomattox, an HBO Mini-Series

HBO is putting together a Civil War mini-series titled To Appomattox and according to The Examiner, NASCAR driver Carl Edwards will have a part in the series, as will, if HBO has its way, other NASCAR drivers.  But before poo-pooing the series because they’re casting NASCAR drivers in what will more than likely amount to bit parts, take a look at the cast and if you’re like me, try to keep your jaw from dropping:

Michael C. Hall (Dexter) will play Ulysses S. Grant as he is cast alongside William Petersen (CSI), Will Patton (Remember the Titans, Armageddon), Paul Giamatti, Bill Paxton (Big Love), D.B. Sweeny (Lonesome Dove, The Event), Dwight Yoakam, Laura Bell Bundy, Jason O’Mara (Life), Paige Turco (Secret’s of the Mountain), Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers), Powers Boothe (24), Richard Speight Jr. (Jericho) & quite a few others.

Right now you can see which drivers are associated with the mini-series by hitting up their NASCAR Cast link, but right now, it’s just “cousin Carl.”  The reasoning behind the NASCAR association is that

The connection between the Civil War and drivers who race NASCAR™ is simple: those values of the Civil War—the patriotism, the spirit of American competition, the regional and national pride that poured forth from and for its heroes—is best exemplified in the American Values and American Spirit embraced today by the NASCAR™ affiliated drivers and their fans.

It’s pretty cool, though I worry.  If you’ve ever seen the NASCAR year’s end televised awards banquet when the boys give their speeches, I cringe at the stiffness behind the mic!  But still, with enough time, even a mountain can be conquered and I think this will be a unique opportunity to get some exposure for the sport in a venue other than on a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon in a telecast peppered with adult beverage drinks and male performance booster ads.

Producers for To Appomattox include Michael Frost Beckner (mini-series writer)(Spy game), Thomas Augsberger (Tucker & Dale vs Evil, Waiting) & Mikael Salomon (mini-series director) (The Abyss).

For one, the cast has my attention but I’d tune in just to see how Carl Edwards pulls this off!

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