Can We Trust Hillary Clinton In Office And With Our Country’s Secrets?

by on February 29, 2016

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It’s not that I like or dislike Hillary Clinton. She’s a politician, and I’ll leave it at that. My issue is that I have zero respect for her after the debacle with the classified email server scenario on her home’s personal computer.

It seems that they found thousands of emails on her computer, some of which were classified.

(Allegedly) all she wanted was the convenience of not having to handle more than one smartphone while doing her job.

“I thought using one device would be simpler, and obviously, it hasn’t worked out that way.”

Despite having an huge entourage of staff that carry everything else for her.

Sure, according to various sources, she says and does terribly questionable things that don’t add up when the day is said and done. But she’s just your typical politician, saying the right thing at the right time.

But this email server thing is what got me going because of how glib she appeared when replying to a question in one press conference I saw her in.

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First, a basic outline on the rules of handling classified material.

There’s NTK, (Need To Know:) Cleared people can only talk about their work to others only cleared on their project.

If you encounter unmarked classified content, you are to apprise your security staff and get it marked immediately.

One is to never talk about the unclassified parts of a task because sometimes that just might be the last piece of a puzzle someone was looking for.

Controlled Content in Controlled Spaces or Encrypted Channels is handled strictly within spaces or channels approved for the work. These spaces are intentionally scrambled or disconnected from the outside world to prevent leaks. Equipment such as cell phones, FitBits and what not are not allowed into these spaces.

Getting material off these kinds of networks takes some doing, considering that under DoD guidelines, USB, CD and floppy drives are disabled or removed from machines.

IF you have something in your possession that came from a classified network and not through approved channels or processes means you had to actively work at circumventing the processes/protections in place.

When one gets caught circumventing these processes, IE: intentionally removing data from these special networks, usually one’s clearance gets revoked, employment is terminated, criminal prosecution follows suit and you can even experience the loss of your pension and other retirement benefits, as provided by the government.

In the beginning I did not give Clinton’s issue much thought. I reflected on how it sucked that she had sensitive data outside of approved channels, but hey, things happen, right? I presumed that if the breach was severe enough, we’d hear more about it. Right?

But when I heard a reporter ask her if she scrubbed her server down and she glibly laughed the question off, asking “with what, soap and a rag?,” that pissed me off because that kind of attitude showed me that our nation’s processes and rules don’t mean shit to her. (Well, that and she didn’t want to have to handle two phones.)

Any respect I might have had for this intelligent woman evaporated instantly.

This process where she’s not getting her hand slapped hard also implies that there is one hell of a double standard when there should be none for our nation’s most guarded secrets.

Even if you have unclassified content and something is added to it and it becomes classified it has to be taken into accountability and controlled, immediately.

According to sources, Clinton’s personal in-home family server had over 60,000 emails, 32,000 of which were later deleted by her (team) because they were deemed private family subjects.

It’s also being reported that there were 1,700 emails considered to be classified with over 20 Top Secret items in the mix.

(Did you know that under federal law, state department communications are supposed to be retained, not deleted.)

What’s worse is that some of the TS documents were SAP (Special Access Program) documents, which effectively makes that content rated at levels higher than DoD TS.

These items, from what I am reading, had to be edited, because though they were not marked, they matched up with TS documents in other places. Which also seems to agree with some reports that Hillary Clinton allegedly ordered her staff to strip classified markings from material so they can send it to her.

In one email, Clinton even seemed to coach a top adviser on how to send secure information outside secure channels.

Now she wants to move on from the subject.

But if this were anyone else, it would be a grievous act.  Yet this discovery back in mid-2015 was not the first time Clinton was under scrutiny for how classified data was being handled. Back in 2009 there were also concerns about how she was handling content. But it seems she continued to do such.

All this, and to think that in 2011, a man lost his clearance for merely linking out to a Wiki Leaks post from his blog.

Some theories on why she set up the server outside of controlled government channels was so she could be “the sole arbiter of what should and shouldn’t be provided to the government, made public via freedom of information requests or turned over to interested parties.” such as during congressional committee investigations.

That seems like a harsh statement as it seems to paint her in the light of wanting to act above and outside the laws of handling classified content.

The Washington Post reported on February 23rd that an U.S. Judge is pushing and wanting Clinton and her aides questioned under oath about the email server thing.

When all is said and done, it looks like her flippant attitude about sensitive government information will probably go with a mere hand slap, if that. BUT the person who was in charge of the information systems at the State Department when all this data was actively removed from them, will be the one on the hot seat.

This is not a witch hunt for Clinton from this site. This was merely an explanation into why I have zero respect for the person at this point in time. That for some reason she is allowed to run a muck and do what ever it is she pleases with this nation’s most sensitive data. And joke it off as if it means nothing.

This is the person whom the democratic party is pulling out all stops to get into office. This is whom we think, according to lore, is the person to lead the government that is by the people and for the people.

This and our other options are all frightening.

It seems she’s just the tip of the iceberg, while there are concerns that she has not been forthcoming with all the information that she could. But what she’s been doing, is nothing new, if you accredit reports about Colin Powell and Jeb Bush doing similar things. And these are just the folks we hear about.

And that is where I am coming from on the issue of Hillary Clinton using personal computers to handle classified data. Nothing more.

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THIS IS the first news piece that started it all about the Hillary Clinton Email Server escapade, over on the NY TIMES:

All Other Sources:

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