Cancelling A SiriusXM Radio, An Experience

by on May 19, 2015

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Looking to trim my budget, I know that having three SiriusXM radios under my name was pricey. I did not know exactly how pricey until I did the math and added it all up. Holy sheets!

First thing first, I headed off to their website to drop one of my SiriusXM radios. I logged in and despite knowing my radio ID, I’m having a pickle of a time finding the spot to remove a radio from my account.

I can pick my radio but all the options under that radio seem to support modifying or adding services to the radio.

The “Top FAQs” don’t have ‘how to drop a radio like a hot rock’ categories or anything like that. And there is nothing under “My Account Info,” and under “Help and Support”.


I finally clicked on “Support Center” since there is no link for dropping a radio and under support I see amongst the myriad of options, an “Account Management” link, and under that, is the magical “Cancel My Subscription” option.


Yet when I click on “Cancel My Subscription” it takes me to a “Search Support Center” window with a link on “How do I cancel my service?” and there it says

“If you wish to cancel for any other reason, please call us at 1-866-635-5020 as we would like to understand and resolve any issue you may have had. Please note your subscription cannot be cancelled online. Our Listener Care agents are available Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.”

So there’s no online option to cancel, like any other real business platform out there. Alright… I see where this is going. The suspicious consumer in me says this is the hard sell tactic. Some people may be on the fence about cancelling and going through the trouble of calling and waiting on a phone call could be a fascinating deterrent. Also, since they have you on the line, they can push you in a different direction. In fact, my suspicious nature suspects that, because why else would they make you call in, instead of an automated cancel process?

Not to mention, as you will see in a bit, they are definitely trained to pull you back in.

OK, let’s do this.

I called the 866 number and the automated service asks me the reason for my call, offering examples of what I can… screw this…

reason for my call? I say “cancel service.”

Jesse answers the phone line.

(Now in this day and age when an organization gets a call your number pops up and so to, does all your account info. I mean, caller ID came into existence quite some time ago. With that said…)

I was asked

“What phone # is associated with my account?”

“What is the address associated with the acct?”

“What is the name on account?”

Hoping I passed all my test questions, he then asked

“Why am I cancelling this radio?’

Rather than go into the bulls$%^ experience I had a few weeks back ( ), I replied, “I dont need three radios under my roof.” (I also don’t need three bills!)

He asked for the radio number ESN/Radio ID. I supplied that.

He then asked me why I was cancelling this radio? That is not a typo, this was the second time he asked, and in all likelihood, to confirm my first response.

I said “I dont need three radios in my house.”

He said he could offer {I tuned out the sales pitch about keeping the radio and politely waited for him to finish}

I replied “No thanks.”

He then said that he could offer me {Tuned out the sales pitch again…}

I replied “No thanks.”

I came into this phone call very zen-like, using “The force” to not take off this guy’s head for asking stupid questions three times in a row because he can’t get it right the first two or three or four times that I am cancelling the radio.

Then again, he is following company procedure or policy. Which is why I didn’t lose it when he asked me yet again, “How about a free month?”

I calmly replied “No thanks.”

He then said he could cancel the radio out for me and informed me that the remaining credit from this radio subscription could be applied to my other radios or refunded to me. I opted for credit to my other radios.

He confirmed the radio ESN/Radio ID with me that he was cancelling, and gave me a confirmation #. He double checked that I got the confirmation number and I had him read it off one more time because the first time he was speed reading to me.

He confirmed my email address and said I would receive a confirmation email of my cancellation of this radio within five days.

Seriously… five days? (No, I did not use my outside voice with that question or the following, but I was thinking…) How the f* long does it take to send an email over there? Do they send it into space and bounce it around off their satellites until they hit some number of bounces that is an equivalent of Pi?

I was logged into my SiriusXM account and the radio did not disappear while I was logged in. Regardless of the obvious, it was a very professional and courteous experience.

And I logged out. An hour later I had that confirmation email.

Within the week, I received an offer from SiriusXM that said was for a “Your Radio Restart Offer.”

First up, think about this… despite the hard sell, they weren’t being stupid but rather, in the world of marketing, companies and brands end up doing what works. And pressuring folks repeatedly, I guess, must work. My take is that consumers have to be strong and determined in your ways and your goals. If you are going to cancel, cancel and stick to your guns. It is not that hard.

I did achieve what I wanted, no problems. Just be sure to always document your transactions… get names of the folks you chat with and what not, just in case something goes mysteriously wrong. But wait… it was not over yet.

A rep from SiriusXM called me a few weeks after the above event and they only needed a minute of my time, (I’m busy I said) or at a different convenient time (I’ll by busy then too) that they only needed a minute of my time… I said no, but they kept talking, and talking about restarting my radio. I said I don’t need to restart the radio, I still have two of them. She said they’ll mark this on my account.

I would hope so.

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