Caprica Canceled by Syfy

by on October 27, 2010

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Caprica Canceled

The Syfy Channel, after moving Caprica to the worse night to ever put a cable sci fi series on, has stepped up and canceled the series.

The programming head of Syfy Channel, Mark Stern is quoted to saying that the show has not been able to build the audience numbers necessary to warrant a second season.


Cylon Model U87 from Syfy's Caprica

I’m stunned as a fan. I am not stunned from the analytical minded editorial entertainment reporter’s perspective. Yanking the show off of Fridays and putting it on Tuesdays was akin to a ratings suicide. Tuesday night is the night of heavy hitters on the broadcast channels. I’m not sure what was expected of the show when it was decided to move it. I wonder if they printed up the cancellation memo the day they decided to move the show to Tuesdays?

The show that took over the Friday night slot, WWE Smackdown, is pulling in numbers of ~2+ million.

As it stands, Syfy still has 5 unaired episodes of Caprica and the word on the street is that we won’t see any more of the show until the first quarter of 2011. Which is even more frustrating since now fans have to be kept on a long leash just to see how the season ends.

I know they don’t have the live numbers but it feels like if you were a fan of the show, it doesn’t seem to matter to the network. You will just have to wait while they plunk down some other show to struggle in this time slot on Tuesdays.

Despite enjoying the show, it did spin it wheels telling the story way too slow with too many strands of plot spreading around. I enjoyed the content, but as I have always said, the Nielsen family needs more payout faster than the pace the show provided. The showrunners had plenty of warning from the first half of the season but they kept at the pace that they set in the front half of the season.

The Clues:

I guess all the clues were right there in front of me… Polly Walker showing up on The Event, no preview from last night’s episode, no preview video in my inbox. And then there was what Alessandra Torresani said on Attack of the Show, about Caprica needing better ratings than its mid-season finale, or it will be canceled.

I’m now waiting for the axe on Stargate Universe, though it is still getting around 1.5 million viewers in its time slot. I wonder what Syfy will be putting in Caprica’s place since they pulled it so fast from the schedule?

[ MSNBC: Caprica Canceled ]

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paul forcey October 28, 2010 at 6:57 am

I actually felt Caprica was too slow in places but when they moved it to Tuesday night I actually made a point of watching it just in the crazy hope that one more person may be enough to save it.

Normally I love SGU , I have even got my wife watching it (does that count as 2 for the Nielsons?) but after this weeks episode I felt like we were on the death march for it..

I am getting bored with hallucinations , it is like someone dropped lsd onto every planet they visit..oooh maybe the planets were a testing ground for the CIA..

I am annoyed that we have to wait for the last 5 episodes of Caprica though

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