Caprica Season Ending Marathon Review

by on January 11, 2011

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Caprica Finale Marathon

CAPRICA TV Series w Alessandra Torresani as Zoe Greystone

I finally got to watch the send-off marathon of Caprica from the Syfy Channel. The distraction of watching these final five episodes (on Hulu or your DVR) was knowing how abruptly the series found itself canceled and removed from the TV schedule on the Syfy Channel.

You have to admit that any TV network needs to pay the bills and I can only presume that Caprica was not doing that. Syfy had to move the Friday night shows around because of the schedules they had slated for Friday nights and Caprica and SGU were moved to Tuesday nights where it (and eventually Stargate Universe) did not fare so well, and ended up in the canceled can. It was an uphill battle that only became worse when they were scheduled for Tuesday nights.

With Caprica, though it was outright pulled from the schedule, Syfy gave us a final look at the final episodes in a single night marathon on Tuesday, January 4th. And viewers revolted in what I could only conjecture to be revolt for how their shows are slowly being yanked from the channel. At it’s highest point, the TV ratings for Caprica hit 782,000 viewers in the 10 o’clock hour. Everyone wanted to see how it ended but either didn’t care about the rest or tuned in later on Hulu.

The show moved the story forward and you can see they were headed for a great cliff-hanger season end but at the end of the final episode, we received a small piece of closure that wrapped up the multi-faceted plot.

It Was A Fine Ending To A Prequel.

But why was it canceled? Because not enough of us tuned in. It seems that the popular darkness of Battlestar Galactica didn’t quite translate to the terra-bound, soap opera prequel. I think there were too many sub-plots that pulled the viewer in too many directions. Slow spots are one thing, but too many slow spots is a show-killer.

Off the top of my head we had:

  • We had Daniel Graystone’s (Eric Stoltz) creation of the Cylons and the political stories involved with how he made them.
  • The death of the Graystone’s daughter, Zoe (Alessandra Torresani), who becomes a floating avatar in the cyber grid known as V city.
  • Lacy Rand had her own journey we were following as she tried to help Zoe but was dragged into so many different sub-plots herself.
  • Tamara Adama (Genevieve Buechner), a victim of the terrorist explosion in the pilot, daughter of Joseph Adama, becoming a confused and angry avatar in V city.
  • Joseph (Esai Morales) and Sam Adama (Sasha Roiz) being knee deep in their own organized crime syndicate.
  • We then have the terrorist religious group known as the STO, run by Clarice Willow (Polly Walker).

The above points I pulled out of my head each had their own set of subplots as they all intertwined with each other. And yes, there were Cylons in the story, but mostly one… Zoe. There were hollow, command-following toasters here and there but they didn’t really start playing a part until the last few episodes in the send-off marathon. This prequel was about Cylons or at least it should have been more focused on the mechanized point of the plot themselves and we lost sight of that as we found ourselves dragged along with the other plots.

Caprica Cylon Model No U-87

Though slow and multi-fold in detail, I knew that every story line was evolving towards that which we knew, that the Cylons will evolve into that which kicks humanity’s butt. Yet at times, rather than feeling that way, some of the story lines took on their own life and seemed to go off in their own directions.

The original two-hour pilot was impressive as we watched the formation of the Cylon and how the first one becomes “sentient,” while we watched the various aspects of the surrounding business environments and groups of people that were involved in the story. Each one important in this prequel. But we needed to see more of how the Cylon’s themselves came to kick our butts.

As it is, the closing few minutes of the final episode of Caprica pretty much spelled it out:



  • The Graystones go on to make a skin-job for Zoe & go on to create a workforce of Cylons for humans and such.
  • Lacey, who walked off with the STO robots following her commands, kicked butt and took over the STO church and became “mother.” (I would have loved to see how that actually came about rather than guessing.)
  • Clarice ends up preaching to a new church and it’s followers, about independence. The church attendee’s are Cylon toaster units.
  • Joseph Adama had another child and named him Willie. (That pesky Moore going and trying to mess with our heads again. Didn’t he learn?)


And such.


Farewell Caprica

Yes, it was a slow moving story but it was intricately wound throughout with many details that the writers wanted to get out. But overly intimate stories are not what the viewers wanted. I enjoyed ever actor’s portrayal. Eric Stoltz who seemed fraught with desperation, even when he was being successful to Esai Morales’ portrayal of a desperate father squeezed into a bad situation and coming up through it all in the only way he could.

Farewell Carprica! Maybe we’ll see you again during a Syfy Channel holiday marathon or two down the road! Who knows.

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msseandee January 11, 2011 at 7:26 pm

All I can say is that i feel cheated. Caprica was one of the few tv shows I watched and planned my viewing schedule around. I waited anxiously for it’!s return last fall and then again this january. I don’t care how it stacked up as a prequel. I loved the characters, the plots and the subplots. I guess syfy thinks that a marathon of the green hornet is better use of it’s air time. Who is running things there syfy? Well there are a lot of other channels to watch.

Bruce Simmons January 11, 2011 at 7:02 pm

Last 5 episodes here:

Paul Forcey January 11, 2011 at 6:29 pm

I really wanted to watch Caprica on the Final night, but since I am in Utah it actually started at 4pm here, and went through dinner time, bath time for my daughter and then into bed time.

So no matter how much I liked it and wanted to watch it all there was no way it was going to happen. I did catch the last hour and it was an ok ending.

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