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Catpain America Civil War Spoilers

The following will contain spoilers from the movie, Captain America: Civil War. More than likely if you have not seen the movie yet, you may already know what you are in store for. But in the event you are still avoiding spoilers for your own entertainment value, then,

BEWARE, Civil War Story Spoilers are lying in wait for you below!!!

– Obligatory useless line, to help prevent accidental eyeball spillage!

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With all the “crap” and changes taking place with Captain America in the comics today, I’m not sure I could handle any major changes like what’s going on in the comics, to the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)! (Cap being a Hydra agent all along is mind-blowing and feels a bit like a personal betrayal to the fans, but that’s in the comics. For now.)

But what I want to chat about, or apprise you of, is exactly what Captain America’s (Cap) role or character will be like in the upcoming The Avengers: Infinity War movie that’s coming out in May of 2018.

For me, it seems evident that the stories within the Cap movies are the backbone to the MCU universe. Most of the other character films are just events spotlighting their journeys, but Cap tackles the big issues like In Winter Soldier when he confronts Col. Fury about the new Helicarriers and their potential mission to ward off bad guys before they can act out their evil ways.

Or in Civil War, where Cap faces off against the principles behind “The Sokovia Accords,” where nations are asking our super-powered heroes to act under a governing body before taking action. But that kind of process did not sit well with Cap, since sometimes actions could be stalled or averted, depending on political environments or what not. Or that actions need to be taken, in the moment instead of waiting. And I get that and his stance.

Be it as it may, Steve Rogers (Cap) faced off against Iron Man (Tony Stark) in the end. It was a crazy cycle of Tony supporting the Accords, then just as Tony was starting to come around about the line between the group on this issue, rage ignited him. Tony found out something that Bucky (The Winter Soldier) did in the past, that totally set him off. Then Cap and Bucky took it to Tony in a pretty brutal, all-out skirmish.

But in the end, Steve had Tony on the ground, had him beat, and seeing Tony was beat, turned his back and walked. Tony had one last, pitiful appeal, throwing out the line that the shield that Cap has been using all along isn’t even his. So Steve dropped the shield at the feet of the prone Tony Stark, and walked away.

The thing is, with that act, did Steve Rogers just walk away from his mantle of Captain America? Or was it just a statement of the moment? Considering how the Avengers are now a divided group and that in a subsequent scene we see Rogers liberating some of his comrades from a floating government prison, and doing so in his street clothes, you have to wonder.

Was that a sign or message sent from the filmmakers as to the direction that Rogers will be taking in subsequent films? Particularly in The Avengers Infinity War?

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After seeing that scene, I knew there were going to be potential implications. But how far reaching would they be? Would these be plot points to be deeply explored in future MCU films or just sound bytes where they make mention of Cap’s situation?

In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, the directorial brothers, Joe and Anthony Russo about this.

HuffPo indicated that the brothers confirmed that Rogers is no longer Captain America. And that when the Avengers face off against Thanos in their future film, that Rogers will be doing it under a different name. But what or who?

There is one suggestion by the HuffPo writer that Rogers could don the mantle of Nomad, like he has done in the past in the comics. But something in me does not see that happening. I can’t explain it, but it does not feel right. Or does he pick up the old suit and triangular shield again? I would have issues with that since the evil Hydra agent Steve Rogers in the comics is using the tip of his triangular shield to kill people with. Or he could just be Steve Rogers, facing off with the enemy, considering it was Captain Steve Rogers who truly held the values and the spirit of the laws so closely to heart.

In the interview it was indicated that they had to let Cap live because he had an important role to play in Infinity War. I wonder if it is to die in that story arc? Considering that in the comics, it was in the aftermath of what was left of the comics original Civil War story arc that Cap gets killed, by the team of Crossbones and Roger’s girlfriend, Sharon Carter. (It’s complicated).

Also in the comics, Bucky took up the mantle of Captain America for a period of time, and in the most recent incarnation, Sam Wilson/The Falcon, who is still flying around, now does so with the shield and going by the moniker of Captain America. But these options do not seem to make any sense from a film point of view, considering they sided with Cap against the Accords, so I can’t see them donning his gear.

So who or what will Steve Rogers be when the next Avengers film comes out? And will it be addressed in Thor: Rognarok, Doctor Strange, the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie or the upcoming Black Panther film as a mention point? Or even in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming movie? I could see it possibly being brought up in Thor or the Black Panther film. And maybe even in the Spider-Man film.

Considering Black Panther was part of the Civil War film and is secretly holding Bucky Barnes on ice for Tony Stark, well, there are all kinds of directions this tale can take. Marvel has plenty of time to develop what has taken place in Civil War, and dole out little pieces of this story until the next Avengers film. Heck, something like this could even be dropped as nuggets in the ABC series, Agents of SHIELD.

But right now, with the team divided as it is, would this not be the best time for an opponent to strike at Earth, when their mightiest defenders, sit, divided among themselves?

There’s a lot that can happen between now and that May, 2018 release date. A lot.

What do you think?

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