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by on August 15, 2013

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The Captains Close Up is an extension of William Shatner’s previous Star Trek centric piece, The Captains.  This time around, he expands more on the people who sat in the captain’s chair and we get a more detailed experience on Shatner’s own past.

For an 82-year-old man, you’d never know that Shatner is a day over 50.  It’s amazing and scary all at once.

The Captains Close Up DVD - a review

The documentary is just around two and a half hours, split into 30-minutes segments.

It starts out with Kate Mulgrew “interviewing” William Shatner where they talk about his early days in his career, taking advantage of his opportunities, and having the love and passion in his life for his careers.

They show pictures of him from his earliest days, pics I’ve never seen of him.  Dang, some of those pics are from so long ago that I don’t recognize him!

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He hits up Chris Pine during his own segment in a short bit, then Bill chats up Sir Patrick Stewart.  Here, Stewart talks about his youth and watching the V rockets flying overhead in WWII.  The movie he saw that triggered his internal need for acting.

He talked about living in a friend’s spare bedroom during the early days of ST:TNG.  And his work ethic in the early days of the series.  (Wow, dedicated man.)

He talks in-depth about his childhood and how it impacted his acting in the early years.

There’s a lot to this man and we learn about many aspects in this interview.

Bill then shows his visit with Avery Brooks, then he turns the tables on Mulgrew, and later, he chats up Scott Bakula.

This is basically a more in-depth redo of The Captains with the additional info, makes a perfect companion piece, but you don’t necessarily need the first one to enjoy this one.


After the interviews, the special features include the Paramount fire of 1983 and the Merger of Desilu and Paramount.

Yes, William Shatner, hosed down a fire in a sound stage containing some Trek stuff…  it’s a real short blurp.

Overall, I’m always surprised when I watch something from and/or by William Shatner.  He’s not a draw for me, but when ever I watch in-depth sit downs with him, I find myself getting pulled in with his personality.

If you’re a fan of the man or the franchise in any way, I think you’d fully enjoy this piece.  It’s worthy!

Entertainment One (EOne) was gracious enough to supply this review copy of the DVD and a kudos goes out to them.  THANKS!

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