Cat Yawn/Roar Image [You Add The Caption!]

by on May 3, 2012

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For quite some time I was trying to catch my cats yawning but have not been so lucky to have the right timing. (Caveat: I’m talking about using my smartphone’s installed camera. You know the ones, you hit click, the camera thinks about it for a second… the screen acts like it’s taking the picture, then the whatever was happening a second after that is what shows up.)

Well yesterday I was going to get some nice outdoor portraits of Willow and as usual, the moment I whip out the camera, she tends to move, change postures or something. At one point, she decided she was tired of my “imaging” of her royal highness, and to evidence her exhausted patience, decided to yawn while I was snapping the pic.

HA! Turned out to be perfect timing actually and I finally got my yawning cat picture! So now the fun begins… what caption should we give her?

Me, I suggest thinking the Tarzan jungle cry… but any other ideas would be most entertained!

Cat Yawn Picture

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