‘Catching Fire’ – I’m Surprised No Director Is Lined Up Yet

by on April 4, 2012

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'Catching Fire', 'The Hunger Games' movie sequel

Prior news that came out during the production of The Hunger Games had indicated that director Gary Ross was already starting to set up scenarios and looking at his creative approach to the sequel to The Hunger Games, titled Catching Fire.

When you read something like that, you would think that it was a done deal that he was moving forward with the Hunger Games franchise into the next film. Yet word on the street is that is not contractually locked in to direct Catching Fire yet. Which surprises and worries me.

On the one hand, I’m surprised, considering what was being reported back when sites were chatting about his looking forward to the next chapter, … at the time. But then again, reporting is as reporting does. And sometimes you can’t tell the difference.

But the other issue that I’m concerned about is, if you track these kinds of deals, studios tend to drop the director and grab newer (pronounced cheaper) directorial blood.

I did not mind Ross’ interpretative take on The Hunger Games. He clung closely to the source material and added a smidge here and there of personal insight to the story that I enjoyed.

Obviously, it’s here that I’d love saying it would be a mistake to replace this director of the franchise. But unfortunately for Gary, other film franchises have done just fine without sticking with the same director, as it was done with the Twilight or Harry Potter franchises.

And to boot, at least Lionsgate locked up the more valuable and visually recognizable face talent for multiple films.

Gary Ross directing 'Seabiscuit'

Ross is presently in negotiations for the next film and according to THR, he is looking for a pay raise from his $3 million pay check that he got for The Hunger Games. And per the source article, he had a tough time negotiating that contract.

If that’s the case, I would not be surprised if we found ourselves seeing new directorial blood behind the camera.

And I ask you a question here, and that is, does this matter to the mass of movie-goers who head out to see a movie? I know up until recent years, I had no inkling about directors, editors or the like when it came to movies. I saw the faces of the stars and considered them to be the main impetus behind anything I ever watched. Of late though (the last several years), I’ve come to understand that a director is the man who spins his vision into what we see on screen and the editor is the man who pulls out the fluff. The producers bring the overall vision to a franchise.

So does this all matter to you, the general movie fan?

Though I must admit, I find the article over on THR fascinating because at the close of the article, the writer suggests several alternatives. One of them being The Hurt Locker‘s director, Kathryn Bigelow.

Wow… considering where Catching Fire goes in this second chapter of The Hunger Games go, she’d be a perfect fit. (Probably costs too much, but I thought I’d voice my appreciation of her being nabbed for directing the sequel.)

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