CBS Disses on DISH, Pulls Programming

by on December 6, 2014

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CBS Network

Article updated below:

It is Friday night, 12-5-14, and instead of watching CBS programming on Dish Network, I am looking at a black splash screen with horrible music that says,

Sorry for the interruption of service, there is no need to call us. We are aware that this TV station is temporarily unavailable and we will have this channel back as quickly as possible.

And that is that.

In a tense contractual negotiation that has gone on for six months, CBS finally decided enough was enough and pulled their content from the satellite carrier.

(CBS had pulled their product from Time Warner Cable last year in a similar situation.)

CBS’s statement on the blackout said,

“What CBS seeks is appropriate compensation for the most-watched television network with the most popular content in the world, as well as terms that reflect the developing digital marketplace. We hope that we can reach an agreement very soon so we can all get back to the business of providing the best entertainment, news and sports to the Dish customers we both serve.”

Dish’s press release said,

“CBS has chosen to black out their local channels, but remain optimistic that the channels will return quickly as both sides are continuing to work tonight to finalize an agreement.”

The network blackout is said to only impact about 2 million Dish customers. Or, by all guesstimates, acceptable advertising losses. On the other hand, CBS has a new online subscription service that provides all their content, live, on demand and what not. So there’s that option, if you have the bandwidth available.

I mention bandwidth because I have to wonder about the customers who do not have access to cable and are forced to subscribe to satellite. They more than likely don’t have access to unfettered internet. That more than likely also means they won’t be able to access too much online content to make up for their lost television.

But again, acceptable losses to the two corporate giants trying to wrangle a contract between them. The word on the street  from CNN Money is that they stranglehold holding up things is the CBS Sports Network.

This blackout has me wondering… will Dish give customers credit for the undelivered content that is supposed to be part of our business relationship with them?

CBS was back on Dish after a 12-hour blackout, but in the process of negotiations, it seems that CBS insisted that Dish neuter their automatic ad hopping service from The Hopper, in the deal.

LOL… once again, the mighty advertiser dollar, the ~$10 billion a season pay check, has the leverage. (meanwhile, schools loose money, people go hungry… oops, just saying.)

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