‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Is Aubrey Really That Full of Herself???

by on April 30, 2012

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Cinema Static - TV News, Movie News and other Entertainment OpinionI just watched my DVR’d episode of The Celebrity Apprentice and I have to say, I couldn’t tell who confused (code for annoyed) me more…  Aubrey O’Day‘s fully self-indulgent attitude or Dayana’s ability to NOT take a clue that she doesn’t know what’s going on!

For one… it’s entertaining to watch clueless folks ramble on about others, or to be told they aren’t helping, then calling it a lack of respect on themselves.

Aubrey is a piece of work… from the week before when she said she thought about Arsenio’s idea before he said it, so she took the credit any way… to this week when she said it’s so hard to work with people that she is so much better than.  Seriously folks, this one is a train wreck.

I keep hearing about her platinum records, so I looked up Aubrey on Wikipedia.

She has an interesting bit of history there and I learned a few things…

It seems that she became full of herself at the age of four when she cried at a performance of The Nutcracker, because she was sad she was not on stage.

Apparently either Aubrey or her mother updated the Wikipedia page because it goes on about all her starring roles as a child.

They talk about her being on an MTV reality TV show and encountering Sean “Diddy” Combs, but later on, I know you’ll find this surprising…

“Combs bluntly accused O’Day of trying to expand her fame at the expense of the entire group, and that she liked flaunting her breasts and wearing big hair”

I guess she’s also posed for some “magazines.”  I’m just sayin’.

She may be smart, but she needs to be a bit more… A LOT more humble about it.  After watching this last episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, I can’t disagree with fans who have been saying that she is “narcissistic, self-centered, evil, and vicious.”

But I think there’s just one more nit I’m having about the girl.  If her charity, GLSEN, fights bullying, is that an act on her part?  Considering how she’s gone on and on about Arsenio in the behind-the-scenes camera pieces, she doesn’t seem to be practicing what she supports, aka, preach.  I’m not fond of duplicitous image spin.

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