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by on March 30, 2012

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Pet Peeve  - roadster (RIP buddy)Pet Peeve: Have you ever noticed people that are walking around with their cell phone and they have an ear-bud plugged into the phone. You know the kind that has a microphone in the middle of the line about a foot or less away from your mouth.

When those “rocket” scientists design things like the sound attenuation and reception of noise for the little microphones that are attached to the ear-bud line. And then, through the magic of engineering, they place this little marvel of technology on the line, in the optimal location on the line so that the little microphone, a marvel of science and technology, can actually here your voice, filter out the background sounds and transmit your voice into the cell phone and to the other end.

So my pet peeve, or maybe my curiosity, is why in the bloody heck do people have to hold the little little microphone up to their lips when they talk into it? I mean, it is designed to be hands-free and the users are sort of negating the entire purpose of the little gadget.

I can only imagine that they hold their blue tooth ear pieces to their mouth then move them to their ear to listen to the person on the other end of the line.

And that’s my nit for the day. It’s more of a curious observation… Today I came out of the store and watched a woman using her ear- bud as described, all the while, stepping out into the parking lot and not looking about to avoid getting hit by a car.

Duh. Double duh actually.

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