CFL's From Walgreens Aren't Cutting It [Consumer]

by on December 30, 2009

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CFL‘s (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs) are supposed to be the most innovative use of electricity to date. They last forever and cost less to run. That in theory, is supposed to save you money.

That is, unless you purchase them from Walgreen’s.

I snagged a few boxes of the 4-pack CFL’s from Walgreen’s about 6 months ago. I felt pretty good about myself! I’m doing my part and saving money. Woo-hoo! … Or not. And with Walgreen’s price, it seemed good.

Today, my 2nd CFL bulb burned out.

My 1st bulb, which I thought was a fluke, burned out just over 2 weeks ago in my bathroom. I thought no big deal. Sometimes you run into a statistical fluke. But right now, I’m typing in the dark because the light in my home-office just blew out.

Just peachy.

From now on, I’m going the way of the name brand and forgetting the dang store brand. At least with CFL’s.

I thought you should know about this… and now ya do!

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