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Channel Zero Candle Cove review

Syfy‘s Channel Zero: Candle Cove, through the run of its short season, felt like Rectify meets Fortitude meets Fargo and they all end up meeting American Horror Story!!! IT was surprisingly good.

Channel Zero is an anthology series telling the stories of Creepypastas, Internet short form horror stories, including Candle Cove and the No-End House. (No-End House will be the next season.)

The cast includes Paul Schneider, Abigail Priowsky, John Carrol Lynch, Fiona Shaw, and more.

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The series starts out with a slow, methodical story that focuses on one man’s trauma in two eras, the present and the past, from his youth, 1980. As the story develops, we see children become manipulated, which in turn, manipulates adults.

But during this slow build of a story,I found myself drawn in by where the story was taking us, in the present and the past events. They made no sense and still came together to make more and more sense with each episode.

Candle Cove feels like a blend of some of the previously noted twisted shows. It starts becoming messed up, it’s dark, it’s engaging, and at times, it can actually shock you.

As the short season wore on and the good guys were getting closer to the truth of the culprit(s) at hand, there are too many scenes with potential that kept me on edge.

When the murders start to happen, they’re quick and shocking. Wow. They don’t pull punches on the viewers, but they do avoid the gory aspect as much as they can.

The slow, sullen pace is deceiving because my heart rate did not match the pacing as the series wound down. Te last two eps really cranked up the blood pressure with their slow, tension building camera work. And it’s rare when camera work gets my attention.

The last time camera work got my attention was back during Breaking Bad.

Yes, I am referencing these top-notch shows in regards to a Syfy series and they hit it out of the park with this show.

The show peels back layer after layer of emotional entertainment for each episode until we find out the cause of the mystery.

Bottom line is that Candle Cove was mystery meets the freaky supernatural, without the supernatural nemisis actually getting properly vanquished. I don’t think.

This has been one of the best Syfy shows that they’ve had in a long time. Director Craig Macneill really pulled it out of the hat!

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