Charlie Hunnam in THE LEDGE, a Review

by on January 3, 2015

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If you’re a Charlie Hunnam fan, I think you may enjoy this new character from Charlie aside from his Jax or Jaeger pilot characters.

I just caught the Charlie Hunnam starrer, The Ledge (2011) on the Sundance Channel. It’s written and directed by Matthew Chapman (Runaway Jury, Color of Night), and also stars Terrence Howard, Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson and Christopher Gorham.

The Ledge is a slow burn of a suicidal love story, pitting a devout Christian against a fully unconvinced agnostic. But before we learn about this emotional battle between these two spirits, the story starts with us watching Det. Hollis Lucetti (Howard) receive bad news about his reproductive systems, despite having two children and then gets called to help talk down a jumper, Gavin Nichols (Hunnam).

Hollis arrives and starts his idle chit-chat with Gavin and decides to just cut to the chase, but Gavin wants to beat around the bush and do the chit chat thing. He says he has to stay on the ledge until noon or someone will die.

We then learn about events in Gavin’s life that led up to this point on The Ledge, in a riveting and mind-gripping fashion. We learn about Shana, an ex addict and her husband, a slightly overly-devout Christian and how their paths cross and intermingle.

The four main players in this film, Howard, Tyler, Wilson and Hunnam deliver solid performances for what their roles demanded of them. So much so that you lose yourself in who they are right now rather than who they have played in other roles.

Despite the somber tone of the film, there are a few moments of levity done well, and the story just sucks you in.

If you wonder why Hunnam looks a little bit like Jax from Sons of Anarchy, he filmed this on 2010-11 while SoA run from 2008 to 2015, so this was made during his “Jax tenure.” But it is not a distraction from this solid film.

So why is Gavin stuck on the ledge until noon? That is something you will have to find out for yourself. This is a film worthy of at least renting or keeping an astute eye out for to catch it, if you like any of the actors in the cast. You won’t be disappointed.

I am giving The Ledge an easy dramatic 7 out of 10 movie score. And surprisingly, it’s pretty inexpensive out there on Amazon: The Ledge

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