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by on August 9, 2011

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For fans of the Power Rangers, you might recognize the name of Steve Cardenas.  He played Rocky, the Red Power Ranger.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Steve has opened a brand new business, a Force/Balance Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Yoga studio.  It’s located in Burbank, CA and it opened August 1st, 2011.  This isn’t his first dojo either.  Steve has run a few martial arts studios previously… one in California and in Texas.  He also started a kids-specific program at Hollywood BJJ studio in West Hollywood, CA, founded by actor and BJJ black belt, Sean Patrick Flanery.

Power Rangers Zeo, Steve Cardenas as the Red Power Ranger

Steve Cardenas the former “Power Ranger,” is a 5th degree black belt in American Tae Kwon Do & brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).  He started training in martial arts in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas at the age of 12.  At the age of 14 he accepted an apprenticeship with mentor, Dennis Black.  Under Black, he learned the fundamental lessons of instruction as well as the ins and outs of the “karate biz”. At 16 Cardenas received a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, prompting him to teach multiple after-school programs for kids and teens.

At 20, Steve moved to Los Angeles, California after his audition landed him the the role of “Rocky the Red Power Ranger” on the TV series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He played the Red Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from 1994 to 1996, for 66 episodes.  The show took off when it premiered in 1993 and it catapulted into pop culture in mere months. Steve has since appeared at the 2007 Power Morphicon, 2008 Comic Con and the Anime Expo 2009 along with fellow veteran Power Rangers actors.

Steve Cardenas

Aside from his super-powered acting career, he now has 25 years of martial arts experience under his belt.  (OK, that was a pun.)  He’s received many outstanding honors, including: two-time Silver Medalist at Copa Pacifica in 2009 & 2011, Gold Medal winner of the 2009 American National Championship, Bronze Medal winner in the 2010 American National Championship, Gold Medal in the 2010 Jiu-Jitsu Pro Gear Open, and Silver Medal in the 2010 No-Gi World Championships.

At present, Steve not only focuses on working with kids in BJJ, but people of all ages and believes that the conditioning, discipline and respect that people learn from martial arts can be carried over into all aspects of their lives.

I’ve personally spent 20 years studying & teaching martial arts.  It can be a very rewarding lifestyle.  It’s a great workout, it develops a strong sense of self awareness, you learn a wonderfully handy talent and keeps you in shape with long-term conditioning benefits.

And as you can see, Steve Cardenas isn’t just an actor who picked up martial arts.  He’s earned his status within the community of martial arts with all the accolades from his competitions.

Force Balance BJJ splash screen

If you’re curious, you can check out Steve’s new business at &


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