Chicago Fire – A Quick TV Review

by on October 10, 2012

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Chicago Fire TV Review

Chicago Fire stars a bundle of good looking or well known cast to pay firefighters and emergency medical responders. The cast includes Jesse Spencer (House), Taylor Kinney (The Vampire Diaries), Monica Raymund (The Good Wife), Eamonn Walker (Kings), Lauren German (Hawaii Five-0), Charlie Barnett, David Eigenberg (Sex and the City) & Teri Reeves.

The show starts out with a death and picks up a month later, when that death causes a bit of tension between Spencer and Kinney. With that underlying plot, the station goes on a few rescues and we learn who has what issues and other challenges that most of them are facing.

The series premiere episode from this new Dick Wolf series started out pretty solid and felt like an established series. There was no awkward moments like some new shows feel like when they shove their entire premise at you. Well paced, well told season premiere episodes are key to catching everyone’s attention, and I think they did that.

And yes, that mayor that showed up in the end of the episode, that was Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, making a cameo appearance.

Quick take: I liked it and will come back for more to see how it pans out. But then again, Dick Wolf knows what works.

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