Christian Bale’s Last Stint As The Dark Knight & Justice League Movie Thoughts

by on November 27, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static Movie NewsThis piece is a quick chat on Christian Bale hanging up his bat-cowl, and some thoughts on the upcoming Batman reboot and Justice League movie from Warner Bros..

Christian Bale has confirmed in an interview in “The Philippine Daily Enquirer” that this third Batman film from Christopher Nolan, will be his final take on the Bruce Wayne character, or his alter-ego, Batman.

It makes sense, considering that Christopher Nolan has always said his vision of Batman was a three-film deal, that Christian Bale will also be pulling back from the role. It’s been a wonderful combo of talent that has brought the light of this comic book hero to life, and this particular combo is coming to a close when The Dark Knight Rises hits movie theaters in July of 2012.

Justice League Movie and Batman Reboot

And I think it’s also a good idea the Bale send this message to Warner Bros., considering that Warner Bros. is looking to move forward with what I consider to be a hair-brained idea of rebooting the Batman movie franchise after Nolan’s third chapter.

Though it seems like a failed cause, if they stick to their plans, Warner Bros. has to reboot Batman. It’s just incredibly poor timing that they need to face the idea of competing with Marvel Entertainment’s upcoming ensemble movie, The Avengers.

It’s a given that DC intends to release their own superhero ensemble movie of the Justice League. It’s obvious that Christian Bale won’t be in that film, so they’re thinking that they need to reintroduce their own Bruce Wayne prior to this. I’m assuming prior.

Then again, word on the street is that though Nolan isn’t directing, he and his wife will be producing the new Warner Bros. Batman flick. And that alone confuses me because they have the potential of making it good… again.

We already have The Flash and Wonder Woman scripts somewhere in the limbo of the movie making realm. Can I presume this upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel, is the basis for their new league movie? But if they’re serious about a Justice League movie, and if DC attempts to follow in Marvel’s footsteps, they need to make a few movies first. Or will they? Or will they try to be a bit different and have the Justice League movie first, then expound on the characters?

Right now, I believe the working title is Justice League: Mortal, but it’s so early, that I’m sure this title is bound to change. And this movie, at this time, looks to include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash and other superheroes.

Regardless of how they approach this, Warner Bros. needs to let the stew settle for a while before they try their hand at another Batman flick. Heck, could they even get away with having a Batman in the movie, but we never see his face? Then that leaves the door open if they are thinking of making a post Justice League movie Batman. But alas, they may very well be following in Marvel’s footsteps and creating the individual movies first.

But aside from Batman and Superman, any of the other characters from the Justice League have had very challenging tries at the silver or even small screen.

If they do another origins of Batman movie though, I swear, I’m going to throw myself off a tall building in a single bound… that’s been done. We get it. He’s avenging all evil.

And I’m not holding a ton of hope of just how successful any of this might be. Unless they can make a Justice League movie a good, gritty hero flick that resonates with the real world, much like Nolan did with his Dark Knight films. Then again, if they can nab Nolan for some or most of this project… well, it will cost Warner Bros., but it could be worth it.

Right now, Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes, Terminator Salvation) & Doug Mitchell (Happy Feet, Babe) are noted as the producers.

We’ll see how things pan out.

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