Christopher Heyerdahl: A Brusimm Personality Focus

by on November 19, 2011

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Christopher Heyerdahl, The Many Looks of(FYI, the above image is a screenshot of a Google image search result… )

I first became aware of Christopher Heyerdahl in Stargate Atlantis, when he played Todd the Wraith.  My household enjoyed Todd’s role in the scheme of things in the Stargate franchise and we became curious about Christopher Heyerdahl.

Now, it’s almost a game to find him in TV shows or movies he has a part in.  And he isn’t hard to locate.  He’s tall (6’4″) and has himself a unique,smooth and  voice the is very easy to identify, and is a part of his varied number of roles and looks.

If you’re wondering, Christopher Heyerdahl is half Norwegian and half Scottish… creating a unique persona that he carries with him to the screen.

Heyerdahl’s first TV series credit is back in 1987, on 21 Jump Street.  In 1993, he landed spots in two episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark.

Misha Collins and Christopher Heyerdahl in Supernatural

Through the years, he’s landed multi-episodic roles in TV shows such as Kingdom Hospital (2004), Smallville as Zor-El, Supernatural as Alastair, Caprica and of course, as John Druitt/Bigfoot on Syfy’s Sanctuary.

But let’s not ignore is movie career…

Christopher’s first movie credit is the 1994 credit of Highlander: The Final Dimension.  After that, 1997’s Affliction, 1999’s Babel, The Chronicles of Riddick, Blade: Trinity, and then he landed a role as Marcus in Twilight: New Moon.  This has led to his recurring character’s appearance in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.  Both parts 1 and 2.

Christopher Heyerdahl in Hell on Wheels, as The Sweded

Of course, Christopher Heyerdahl’s last (most recent role at the time of this article)  is in AMC’s newest hit series, Hell on Wheels playing the role of The Swede.

Update 7-5-12:  And of course, his latest role on True Blood, as one of the vampires in charge, Dieter Braun.

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Angela Rosas November 21, 2011 at 3:17 am

I adore Chris! My favorite is an episode of The Dead Zone titled Panic. Must see if you haven’t. But I love him in anything he does. Especially the new Hell on Wheels show he just starred in.

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