Cinema Static Asks: Is Stargate Universe Too Character Driven?

by on December 17, 2009

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Since Stargate Universe started on the Syfy Channel, it’s been getting beat down by the Stargate contingent of core fans. The major complaints are that it’s too soap opera like. As in too character driven. Others are jumping on board and enjoying the show.

Being a member of The People’s Choice Awards voting system / fan-tingent, I have the ability to generate my own surveys. So I tossed up a survey on the subject matter. I got to make the question, and supply the answers to choose from.

Here’s what that survey had to say:

Do you think Stargate Universe is too driven by the character stories?

  • Yes… they need less character story, more action (23%)
  • No… Character stories help understand where they’re coming from (25%)
  • Could someone please explore that dang ship already!! (22%)
  • Lose the Stones! (29%)

I was amazed at how close the percentages came out to be. Obviously the People’s Choice Fan Surveys are not a scientific end all to a subject, but I found it interesting.

Stargate Universe returns from its mid-season break in early April of 2010.

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paul December 27, 2009 at 11:52 am

I love SGU but I am starting to hate those stones. The first thing my wife said (who is not a big SG fan) was, “why dont they get the blonde women and the guy with the glasses on there using the stones”.

I thought the last episode was the best and I honestly hope that Robert Carlyle is really gone, great actor but his characters time had come.

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