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Today I have some Red Dwarf (good) news, some NBC Wonder Woman costume noise and sad news for Jill Wagner fans out there! That is if you like watching her on ABC’s Wipeout!

Red Dwarf News

Red Dwarf LogoAs Cinema Static mentioned a while back in November, we heard noise that Red Dwarf was getting a 10th series/season. That got fans riled, in a good way.

Now it’s been confirmed that Red Dwarf is indeed returning with production slated to begin this November. Previous to this, we had news in January that the show was returning, it just wasn’t finalized when production would begin.

The new series will only have six episodes, but I’m guessing that fans will take what they can get and hope for the best. It’s been noted that Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn are returning and rumors say that Naylor is writing the scripts.

No air dates have been set yet, but the six epi’s will be airing on the Dave network.

If I hear more, I’ll have it here on Cinema Static on Brusimm.


Wonder Woman TV Series News

'Wonder Woman' new look issue 600

The newest comic book look of 'Wonder Woman'

News on the street is that despite the fact that fans may have been traumatized about the preview pics of Adrianne Palicki‘s promo preview pics in her guise of Wonder Woman, the studios have also pitched out that there is a third, yet unseen version of the costume.

They say it will make fans of the original series happy… though for me, I’m thinking that original suit needed some serious help!

Remember though that this newest look we’ve seen, reflects the comic franchise’s new look with the long pants, and frankly, if it’s done right, I thought would be a better look any way.


Jill Wagner Leaving Wipeout

Jill Wagner on ABC's 'Wipeout'Please don’t shoot the messenger, but Inside TV has reported that Jill Wagner is leaving Wipeout after four seasons with the tortuously fun game show.

Wagner is headed out to focus on her acting career… don’t fret… she will be hosting the upcoming summer edition of Wipeout, but sadly, I don’t think it will ever be the same.

Yes, acting career. She does have one. Jill Wagner appeared in a major role in the movie Splinter. That’s a great little monster movie. She was also in 2 episodes of Stargate Atlantis and took a spin in the ill-fated Blade: The Series.

I distinctly remember her role in SGA and she played the part so well, you wanted to see more of her and yet hated her tricky tactics all at once. Wagner does have an edge that I like seeing and I hope she does get her career going. She’s a pleasure to watch.

Though I do wonder why she couldn’t pursue acting and retain her ABC post on Wipeout? Eh, maybe we don’t want to know! I’ve enjoyed her antics and quips on the series and to be honest, she’s one of the easiest sights on the eyes, on television.

ABC is now casting for a new ground-side host for Wipeout. I’m not sure it will be quite the same without her on the show.

Jill Wagner in 'Blade The Series'


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