Cinemark Offers Rewards To Non-Texting Movie-Goers

by on November 27, 2012

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Cinemark theaters are trying to help movie goers have a better experience!

Sad times indeed.  I truly do not understand the mentality of an individual who must check their phone during a movie but there it is, more and more folks seem to be doing it.  In fact every time I hit up a movie, I am presented with these folks that must check their phone during a movie.  It’s a distraction and many other movie-goers don’t appreciate it.

My desire or suggestion, if folks MUST use their phones, I’d like to see them relegated to the back row where they can check their phones to their heart’s content without interfering with anyone else’s movie experience that they paid good money to go see and escape the ruckus of the outside world for a few hours.

By having one’s experience messed with by someone’s bright screen invalidates going to the movies and these phone users are making the home market even more appealing.  There are even theaters thinking about blocking cell signals to the theaters, but then it was discovered that the nature of the cell phone signal makes it illegal to do this.  Dang it!  (There should be waivers)

Now Cinemark is offering rewards to non-texting phone owners.  But the catch is that you need to have their app installed on your phone.

What happens is that before a movie they put up a reminder to activate your Cinemark app, for those that have them installed.  When you crank it up, the app asks you to turn your ring volume down and then it dims the screen.

It’s called CineMode.

Once you get through the movie (Though I’m not sure when  the “end” of the movie is counted, as in, end of the credits or end of the feature) the app knows you were good boys and girls and it clicks off a coupon to your phone.  You can, I presume, use the coupons at the next movie you go to.

It’s one attempt to help the movie consumer have a more enjoyable movie experience in the theater.  Too many folks are getting comfortable with their smartphones and not thinking about how it impacts the folks around them in a dark theater.


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