‘Cinematic Titanic Live: Rattlers’ – A Review

by on July 14, 2012

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Cinematic Titanic, from the creators of MST3K

Oh, today I was headed out of work wondering what I was going to do but fates were kind to me because awaiting me in my pile of mail as the latest and greatest from the Cinematic Titanic gang…   Rattlers!  I rushed home and popped that bad boy DVD into my 1050million dpi Blu-ray all-ray player, settled down and actually took a break from life to have a few laughs.

CinematicTitanic Rattlers riffCinematic Titanic Live: Rattlers starts out with the riff crew being introduced to the packed house of screaming fans.

Rattlers is a 1976 film that was directed (written and surprisingly, produced also) by John McCauley.  Amazing as it sounds, this was only one of two movies in his IMDb resume.  The movie stars …  oh, does it really matter.  It’s Cinematic Titanic fodder!

The movie starts and as always, the team launches right in before the credits finish rolling with their usual pragmatically applied humor.

Dad wants a beer, asks mom for it.

“Take these to your dad.  With enough of these, he’ll find me attractive.”

Watching two small boys haggling over a bet they made with each other…

“Jody Foster was so cute when she was a little boy”

Rattlers follows a college professor (herpetologist) as he investigates an odd case of unusual snake attacks and he discovers a military cover-up involving buried nerve gas….  oh no, did I just spoil the plot?  Sorry.

Yes, the plot sounds horrid… maybe even by Syfy channel standards, but the Cinematic Titanic crew makes it as entertaining as ever.

Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Joel Hodgson, Mary Jo Pehl & J. Elvis Weinstein do what they do best… riff and rip.

Review of CinematicTitanic Rattlers riff

In a scene where an escaped cobra is being wrangled by the professor (captivating image above) and when he finally distracts and catches the snake, the team chimes in

“Only took the first third of the movie.”

Movie characters: “What are you looking for?”  “Anything out of the ordinary.”

“A good actor would be out of the ordinary at this point.”

Boy searching barn…

“I wonder if the milking machine is vacant?”

CinematicTitanic Rattlers riff review

There are points in this movie where some of the scenes are so bad that the live studio audience cracks up without any prompting from the Cinematic Titanic gang.

Some other lines include

“Indy, throw me the idol!”

“Filmed in flashlight vision!”

We even got a Sharktopus reference!  But I’ll let you discover when these gems come out in the performance.

This was another gem of riffter (that’s like laughter is to laugh) and it comes out on the market on July 17th…  if you’re a fan of the old Mystery Science 3000 gang, you’ll love their updated work as Cinematic Titanic!


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Bruce Simmons July 15, 2012 at 7:16 pm

Very cool thought… thanks for sharing Demimonde…

Demimonde Mesila Thraam July 15, 2012 at 3:17 pm

I was lucky enough to not only have caught the Rattlers CT show live in San Francisco, but about a year prior to the show I’d written a letter to Joel and Co. explaining how MST3K – which I had never seen in its TV run, only through Internet channels – had basically saved what remained of my sanity after a messy, ugly sudden breakup after a decade long relationship. In the letter, I mentioned there were two movies I would want to see riffed more than anything, both bad snake related movies I’d loved as a child, when my own herpetological collection approached road-show numbers. One of them was “Ssssss” and the other was “Rattlers”.

I always wondered if this influenced their decision at all to do this film. I was disappointed to see no sign of it in DVD or download form since seeing the show, so seeing this finally show up is a “Dance of Joy” occasion.

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