Cinematic Titanic Live Riffing Makes Another Movie Relevant!

by on March 12, 2010

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The Alien Factor Riffed by

After receiving my latest promotional DVD for review from Cinematic Titanic, I sadly had to wait a bit before watching it, but once I did, I was both repulsed and yet entertained.  Yea yea, I’ll explain.

I just got done watching live-riffed DVD version of The Alien FactorThe Alien Factor is another movie that makes you say wow, out loud.  Wow, someone actually made this?  Wow, someone actually distributed it?  But it’s possible that making this movie was a shrewd business move by the ensemble of misguided creators and actors.  They knew that with some time and patience, their product would become a riff-target of the creators of Mystery Science Theater, now calling themselves Cinematic Titanic.

Alien sneaking up on couple in the grass, camera at alien’s perspective:  “This is how lawn mowers see the world!”

And Cinemtatic Titanic definitely saved the day on this one.  Otherwise, I’m not sure how far into this movie I’d get.  And to make sure you understand how stressful this movie was on my senses, I’d like to say that it made a Syfy Original Saturday Night movie look fantastic!

A cop gets out of a 1966 VW Beetle:  “I know the economy is bad, but is the State Trooper driving a beetle?”

The Alien Factor was reportedly made in 1978 by…  OMG, there’s an Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage (2001) out there.  Any way, I’m not too worried about spoiling the story for you since it’s not really the story I’m talking about…  it’s about a couple of space creatures that end up on Earth while being transported to another planet’s zoo.  The rest of this DVD review showed me a lot of walking, boredom, more walking, some screaming and badly edited chase scenes that only beg for Cinematic Titanic’s touch.

“You never miss sound effects until they’re completely absent.”

They take scenes of endless walking and turn it into entertainment.  When someone is about to die, we wait for the punchline that will make it tolerable.

Scene showing actor headed into a dark (very dark) cellar:  “Why did they bother taking off the lens cap?”

One of my favorite riff lines was “Is that the soundtrack or his car alarm?

Cinematic Titanic staff Trace Beaulieu, Frank Conniff, Joel Hodgson, Mary Jo Pehl and J. Elvis Weinstein have done it once again in this taped version of a live riff night, making this film now, a true classic.

Thank you gang!

(DVD provided by Cinematic Titanic for review purposes.  No punches were pulled or remotes harmed during the watching of this potentially ugly movie experience!)

Amazon: Cinematic Titanic Live: The Alien Factor

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