Citibank Ad Rock Climbing Song Identified

by on February 19, 2012

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So you’ve heard it, right? The Citibank Ad with the girl rock climbing, and there’s that cool set of song lyrics kicking it in, in the background? And the lyrics go something like this: “Somebody left the gate open.”

Citibank Rock Climbing Ad

(This scene was shot with camera attached to climber's hat)

The ad features rock climber Katie Brown, and is filmed on the Ancient Arts rock formation outside of Moab, Utah. (She says it’s not that hard of a climb!). I think she’s totally awesome.

But what has viewers imaginations is the song in the background as Katie achieves that lofty looking goal of the top of Ancient Arts structure.

It’s called “Into the Wild” and as a whole, the song isn’t bad. (Sometimes you hear a piece of a song that sounds cool, but then you find out the rest of it isn’t all that great.)

For more info on who sings it, where you can get that song and such, go check out Cinema Static’s new home, on the piece about the Citibank Rock Climbing ad! There, I have collected a few videos and found out where you can get (for a limited time) the song for free.

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