Classic TV Executive Quote About Suffering Through TV Ads

by on April 24, 2012

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The Walking Dead on AMC

TV By The Numbers put up a precious quote from the former NBC entertainment chief Jeff Gaspin.

Apparently, like the rest of us, he has found himself sucked into the story of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

He had watched it via some method of DVR, but then for whatever reason, he had to watch it live, with all the ads included.

This is what he had to say about watching a show on DVR versus live on TV:

“It was not nearly as good. The commercials broke the tension. We had watched the other episodes with blankets over our heads. I hate to say this to the AMC executives and everybody else in the business, but I will never watch ‘Walking Dead’ live again.”

In regards to using DVR tech, Gaspin is noted to saying that all you have to do is pause the live show for 20 minutes and then you can watch the rest commercial free.

So what is good for the goose IS NOT good for the gander!

Though I do have to say that AMC’s ad breaks are huge compared to other network stations and if they didn’t pull out all the stops and crank out such excellent television programming, I’d NEVER watch the network because of how long their ads run.

But be it as it may, with shows like Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and the like, well, I may very well have to adopt some new tactics to watching TV.


Back in the 60’s, television viewers had 51 minutes of programming per hour.  Today, it’s down to 42 minutes.  And that does not count the 10+ minutes of in-show advertising these days.

We watch around 250 billion hours of TV a year.


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