Comcast Moves In & NBC Looses The Peacock

by on January 28, 2011

in Entertainment

NBCUniversal Logo Change

The LA Times is reporting that one of the first acts that Comcast effected when they merged up with NBC was to remove the peacock symbol from the NBCUniversal corporate logo.

The logo seemed busy to some within Comcast, but to be honest, for such a seemingly small detail, that was a pretty swift move.

To me it signals big changes to come when the new boss tackles what appears to be such a lower common denominator so quickly. I’ve been seeing signs of preparation for upcoming, unknown changes for the last few months. On the Comcast On Demand box, all of ABC & Fox programming has literally disappeared from my box. (Hmm, now I’m driven to Hulu for those shows?)

For now, the peacock remains on the NBC telecast logo, but I’m wondering if that’s in danger too?

source: LA Times.

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