‘Comcast’ Pulled Some Shows, ‘Clicker’, Here I Come

by on May 3, 2011

in Entertainment

Comcast Xfinity logoLast week Comcast / Xfinity announced that they will start carrying all the major major network shows on their VOD service, called On Demand.

They made a point of indicating that they’ll be carrying ABC shows and what not. I thought that would be great. Now I can catch Fringe and other Fox TV series on Comcast’s On Demand. I previously could not do that last year.  What confused me was that prior to last year, they used to carry ABC and Fox shows and then suddenly those selections disappeared. But now, in an announcement it was suddenly all good news again.

That’s great and all for those shows.  Then Sunday night we had the special report on TV reporting that Bin Laden had been eliminated.  The family decided to write off worrying about The Amazing Race and The Apprentice. Up until last week, they used to be on Comcast’s VOD service.

Then came Monday and for dinner we were going to bring up The Amazing Race, but today neither show can be found in the On Demand menu.  They’re both now gone. This lack of selection seems to be in contrast with the Xfinity /Comcast sales pitch that they now carry all the major networks, because now they don’t carry some of the shows I’ve become accustomed to.

I found it a bit disconcerting that what used to available is no longer and that what used to be available and then pulled, has been seemingly reinstated.  (I have to wonder if that all just made sense?)

Clicker, the Internet Television GuideLucky for me, I have options online. They’re not convenient for me, but I can go to Clicker.com and see where either show plays. In fact Clicker tracks where anything you want to watch may be playing. It’s quite the resource.  You should check it out.


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Meka May 3, 2011 at 9:49 pm

The shows are there but you have to go through the entire list under “TV Shows” to find them. Shows like “Celebrity Apprentice” is still there…I watched the episode that was interrupted last night. But what I noticed today is regular ABC and CBS show that I used to watch like “NCIS”, “The Event” and “Rules of Engagement” are only available in HD. I have a HD TV but I’m not will to pay extra to subscribe to a HD. I guess Comcast/Xfinity will find a way to make you pay one way or another…Limit regular broadcast shows to HD to try an force customers to upgrade to a HD packages.

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