Comment Rules

I don’t ask for a lot, but what I do ask for is a place where people can freely speak their minds constructively and not be bashed for it. I’d like to think I inspire conversation with these few quick requests:

First up… the term constructive. If you repeatedly use

  • foul language;
  • insult or…
  • trash on...

everything you comment on, you will find yourself in the spam bucket. I write about things for a reason and if you start attacking everything I write, I’m bound to take that personally. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE.

Second: I won’t tolerate anyone calling someone’s opinion or that person any kind of derogatory names. First you’ll get a warning if it gets out of hand. After that, you will be sent to the spam bucket. So please conversate* in a polite fashion here on!

Third (and lastly): If you pitch or advertise in the comments, I’ll either edit/pull your products/links (if its a great comment) or the comment will be deleted and repeated attempts will get you added to the spam list. Seriously?


*For the college educated, that’s a coy, cute word I just used and is not some grammar fopar!