Computer Malware/Virus Warning: Have You Been Hacked? The FBI Can Help!

by on April 22, 2012

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Malware Virus WarningThis is a consumer alert about a computer virus/malware issue that the FBI is trying to get the word out on:

Come this summer, an estimated 550,000+ computers will lose their connectivity to the internet, and all the computer users might think is that internet is “broken.” But it won’t be. These victims were the thousands of web surfers that had landed on a bogus website and clicked on a bogus ad on that site.

When they (was it you?) did that, the bogus ad installed malicious software that pointed victims computers to a rogue DNS server that’s been faking the internet to the victims computers… up until a certain date, when the fake DNS servers go offline.

(DNS Server is short for Domain Name System (or Service or Server), an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses.)

That date will be July 9th.

But there’s a way to figure out if you’ve been duped and became a victim.

“Visit to find out whether your computer is infected. If you think your computer is infected, visit to learn how to fix the problem.”


I know this sounds like some plot from a spy movie, but this is in fact a scenario that the FBI happened upon when they went to take down a hacker ring, but they realized that if they took the hacker ring’s servers offline, many folks whose computers were dependent on them, would lose their connections.

But those servers are going offline in July.

The Feds brought in a few servers in place of the culprit network to hold in place and now they’re trying to get the word out to people so that they can take care of their own computers.

The above set of links were provided for folks to use to check their systems, the second repair link, to use of they find out they’ve been compromised.

If you don’t believe me… and I wholeheartedly insist you verify this info, I first saw the whole story at NBC Bay Area website and then head over to the FBI webpage addressing this issue.

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