Confused Movie News About Daredevil and Galactus Character Rights

by on August 6, 2012

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Turns out that back in the day, before Marvel even had an inkling to the powerhouse of a studio it would become, they had “farmed out” rights to various characters of theirs to studios. Oops.

It’s this exact screw up (IMO) that we will never see Spider-Man or X-Men in any Avengers movie. Which sucks for the fans.

But now it seems that some character rights wrangling is in order.

According to an early report from Variety’s ShowBlitz, Fox is looking to put together a Frank Miller like version of Daredevil but they don’t have a lot of time on their alloted time of retaining the rights. But what they’ve done is traded in their rights to Galactus so they can retain their rights to Daredevil.

This extra time to retain their rights to Daredevil will give Fox the time to make their gritty 70’s-like, Frank Miller style version of Daredevil, and that sounds promising.

And rumors aside, the fact that Marvel is snagging their rights to Galactus back would seem to herald the premise that they might have plans for the big purple guy. (Galactus is one of a few characters in the deal)

And what better oponent for the Avengers, than Galactus? That would rock. Then again, I’m thinking any sequel for the Avengers will rock, no matter what.


Oh… wait… I went out to verify some details, and now the Variety Showblitz site piece is being contended, where Deadline is saying that Fox is letting Daredevil go to keep Galactus, since he’s a key figure in the Fantastic Four franchise world.

So that was a waste of my time. This is why I don’t freak about news as fast as I can. I end up wasting time. Grr. I’m publishing because I put too much of my time into this piece… sorry for the non-news. When a movie is made, somewhere in time.


This just in… folks, get your crap together! []

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