Conneticut Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting… What a Horrible Shame

by on December 14, 2012

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A Sad Day In American History

This morning while watching the news develop, I was speechless on how something like this happens.  I don’t mean how someone was able to carry out this plan, but how it would get in the mind of someone to want to do this.  What defect caused this individual to go off like this and take innocent lives?

Newtown, Connecticut is just one more moment of horrible history.  It will be one more galvanizing moment where gun-control proponents or anti-proponents will take this opportunity to make their stand and speak up.  It doesn’t matter what we believe.  It’s happened again, whether it be by gun, mustard gas, airplane, bomb… it’s happened.  And the scary part is there will always be these emotional outliers of mental stability in our midst.  And we never know who, but they are always there.

The Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting is the 2nd deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history, and the absolute worse horror to take place at an elementary or high school in U.S. history.  History.

The individual responsible was a 24-year-old by the name of Ryan Adam Lanza, his mother was among the dead found in the school.  This P.O.S. went through the school shooting what early accounts say are 18 small children and 7 adults.  And that Ryan Lanza’s mother was reportedly a teacher at the school and many of the innocent victims were her students.

Time will tell what happened, what emotional turmoil cause this to seem like the only route that Ryan thought he had to take.

The saddest part is that of the “25” victims, each one impacts dozens upon dozens of people.  No one, 11 days before Christmas, should have to deal with this, as December is darkened for many on this day.

It devastating as this wrong kind of history was made.  The randomness of this act and the fact that there are people out there who are so unstable to even consider this is truly frightening.

And though, in the moment, it won’t really help the families and friends of the victims, it is still true that our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by today’s tragedy in Newtown, CT..   So sad & heartbroken, many stand, at the sight of this.

For the families:

Today, is a dark day.  Tomorrow may be even darker and will be the time to grieve, be confused and ask why.  The ensuing days, the ever-slow process of healing and adapting will take place.  No matter how small it seems.  It will be there.

And I hope that in some tiny way, our thoughts of them, will help in some tiny fashion.


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