CONSTANTINE Series Premiere Review

by on October 27, 2014

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I Was Expecting More from CONSTANTINE, but…

Matt Ryan, CONSTANTINE TV review from brusimm

NBCs Constantine premiered last week and to some degree, I was looking forward to it. As for as a television event goes, I think it’s another fine addition to the special category of TV that involves ghosts, action and investigation.

The story is about a man, John Constantine (Matt Ryan), who calls himself an exorcist. He finds himself looking to protect a girl, Liv Aberdine (Lucy Griffiths), the daughter of a dead friend of his, looking to keep a promise to look after her. That, and he’s haunted by a mistake he made some time ago, having accidentally gotten a young child condemned to hell.

Jeremy Davies and Harold Perrineau are also amongst the cast.

If you’ve seen the movie by the same name starring Keanu Reeves, it feels a little bit like the movie. It was a wee bit hard to get past that, but as I watched it, trying to step away from what I’ve seen, I think for television, this wasn’t a bad season premiere and the show could go either way.

I didn’t mind it and thought it was a well conceived production. It should catch folks eyes who like this show.

If you are a comics fan, you realize that the movie and now TV series is based on a long-running comic character that first appeared in 1985 and ran under the DC Comics and Vertigo banners and was a very successful title, more or less referred to as the Hellblazer title. The franchise spawned various spin-offs like this TV show, movie, novels and such.

They have a great lead in Matt Ryan… he sells the role well. But his work was burdened with the premiere trying to explain a billion backstory lines all in one episode. If NBC can spin the magic of the franchise that captured the imagination of so many fans to keep the comic title alive, that it’s on them to make sure they do. So the show has promise. If the writing or attempt to engage the fans is along the lines of The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad and the like.

It needs to improve to keep us tuning in. But so far, so good.

And yes, this is yet, one more comic book themed TV series. But that is not a bad thing, but rather, an observation. But as some might say, that isn’t bad nor is it overly done. Think about it, amongst all the cop procedurals and comedies, comic book based shows are only standing out because they are different, and in some cases, not bad. So it is a competitive field that is standing out, and only seeming to be proliferating the airwaves.

Oh, but speaking of comic books, did you catch the Dr. Fate helmet and Pandora Box quickie crossover/appearances?

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