Consumer Product Review: The Super Inexpensive ‘SIGMAC NE15AB’ LED TV

by on September 25, 2011

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Product Review: ‘SIGMAC NE15AB’ LED TV

When you see the ad for an incredibly priced flat screen LED TV, do you dive in and take up the offer or should you consider doing more research before buying a SIGMAC LED 15-inch TV?  See what I have to say and maybe, you will save yourself some time, money and/or aggravation!

Flat Screen TV

This consumer product review started on Saturday, 9/24, when  I had hit up Fry’s because they had an ad in the newspaper on Friday for an LED Flat screen TV for $70.  Unkown brand.  It didn’t say in the ad.

That’s fine.  For $70, who cares.  Plus this is what the stores do.  They toss out a loss-leader sale item, bait to get you in the store, then when you see the other cooler stuff, and well, the rest is history, as is some of your cash.  This is why you do your consumer research and not get sucked in by ads.

And by me, that’s fine.  As you know, I research the crap out of any important product purchases.  And for me, this product is perfect because I have the perfect location for it… in my office next to my computer monitor.  The small Sony tube TV I have in there now can be relegated to kitchen watching and I get a slightly crisper image in the office.  I assume.


SIGMAC LED TV consumer product review

Of course, for $70, I wasn’t expecting any kind of brand name TV nor, am I expecting it to last that long.  But if it lasts a year, I’m good.  Plus it took a wee bit of digging around at Fry’s to find it.  The display model for the 15″ TV was right there, next to the other $150 to $200 15-inch models that had a huge amount of features.

An interesting sneaky bit though…   The TV wasn’t below where the display model was, but way down the aisle.  I had to scrounge to find it.  There were only two left.  Well, to be exact, there were two on the shelf.

But then, there were a few moments that also made me laugh.  Read on and find out why  a brand new LED TV product review made me laugh.

My first Chuckle/Laugh Point:

It’s a ‘SIGMAC NE15AB’ LED TV.  The LED part of the label on the box is a sticker added to the title.  And not added straight either.  The picture the TV provides is not what I was hoping for.  It isn’t much better than the tube pic, and this cheapo is only a 720p screen.  That means it’s not fully capable of HD.  Despite the label on the box.

The info button says I’m in 480i mode.

SIGMAC LED TV prodcut review

But this is perfect for the moment.  The place has no AC, and where the office is, it gets sun and a ton of heat during the day.  The TV will do the trick and is now one less heat source in the office.

My Second Chuckle:

I was trying to find the universal remote codes for the brand, but it is so new that there’s very little, if anything out there.  I’ve seen web entries for using Wards TV codes and a few other ideas, but none of them panned out.  That means I now have two remotes for the tiny TV, my SIGMAC remote and my digital converter remote from COMCAST.

My Third Chuckle:

I thought I’d hit up the website for the SIGMAC TV.  According to the manual for my SIGMAC NE15AB TV, the web address is   If I just put in usanivs, I get Google results that point to “US News.”  Feeding the web address gives me that default “not found” page.

Further digging starts pulling up “The departments under Shenzhen Operation Center are: Shenzhen Finance Center of NIVS Group, Shenzhen Representative Office of the U.S.A. NIVS Group,” and such.  Huh.

Should I be worried?

And I did not try to call the support number.  It’s only good Monday through Friday.


If I had bought this TV as a primary TV for myself and my family, I’d be pissed.  The image is crap and the sound out of these supposed 6w speakers is crap.


If you want the ‘Aspect’ button to work on you remote, you need to go into your setting menu, ‘MENU,’ choose PICTURE, go to SCREEN SETTING and make sure AUTO WIDE is selected.  (The button will be a solid white filled button.)

Now you can make your aspect button… um, work.  Except, well, it is a cheapo TV set.

The CINEMA setting, which fills the entire screen, is grainy.

The FULL setting is letter-boxed in the small screen. It’s grainy.

The NORMAL setting is a shrunken image in the small screen.  It’s, not as grainy.

I have no clue what the WATERGLASS setting does.  It seems to just like the FULL setting.  I guess.

On the bright side, it has a huge number of input plugs in the back of the TV.  You can pretty much plug anything you can think of into the back it, including a VGA cable.  I’ve been thinking of seeing if this thing actually works as a monitor.  If so, it might be an even better purchase than I first thought of… barely.

My Fourth Chuckle:

It has a SOUND ONLY mode.  Is that a ‘plan B’ for when the consumer can’t stand looking at the grainy picture?


Fifth Chuckle…  Sort Of:

When you buy a real cheap LED TV, suddenly the California Recycling Fee stands out.  How can it not?  When I bought a $600 Sony LED TV, it wasn’t even a blip on the radar.  But when $70 TV comes out to cost more than $80, I start to wonder.

It turns out that I was charged a $6 recycling fee?  Apparently it’s a California thing.  I noticed it when it accounted for almost 10% of my ticket price!

I’ll be looking into this bogus sounding fee for a latter article.

In the end, I would not recommend buying this 15-inch SIGMAC LED TV.  And if I were to base my opinion on the brand off of this small experience, I’d would have to say that for myself, I would stay away from SIGMAC in general.

But that’s just me.

Check out some LED TV’s on Amazon .


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