Consumer Service Review of The ‘Intercontinental Hotel’ in San Francisco

by on June 27, 2011

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This is a consumer review of my experience with the services of the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco.

Back in the early part of the year, I had the opportunity to stay at the Intercontinental Hotel as part of an event that grabbed a block of rooms for such.  That event was WonderCon.    The Intercontinental, in case you don’t know, caters to an elite sort of traveler or vacationer and offers nothing but top-notch service, at all levels.

It’s located in downtown San Francisco, CA, South of Market and has 550 guest rooms in 32 floors of high-rise fun!  It also has 14 suites.

The top-notch service is geared towards the elite of their customers and if I were to look to book a room for one person, rates can range from $180 to almost $1900 per night.  In other words, I normally wouldn’t be able to normally afford the place as easily as some.

Upon arrival, everyone greeted me with utmost professionalism.  Including the funny guy who watched me lugging 3 huge suitcases and hobbling along on my cane, and pointed out the stairs to my 20th floor room.  (I have a great sense of humor and he read me well, because that was a hilarious moment for me.)

The Services You Hope For

To be honest, when you go to a hotel anywhere, you hope for the absolute best and expect the realistic potential of whatever happens.  Here at the Intercontinental, there was not a single thing wrong with the room.  Everything I expected or hoped for, ranging from offered amenities to services I could hope for were all there.   Nothing fell short for me.

They did warn me at the front desk though, to not tinker with the stuff in the fridge or drinks in the cupboard.  They’re all attached to sensors that would have had me billed $8 to $15 for the bottles of fluids.  They recognized I might not be accustomed to such an advanced room and didn’t want to see me charged $8 for a bottle of water.

My Experience

Aside from the perfect service and amenities and atmosphere and cleanliness…  the huge factor that really impressed me was how attentive the entire staff was to me, the lowly WonderCon convention-goer.

Amongst the silk-suited customers came the tattered tee-shirt clients of WonderCon and they treated everyone equally, with first-class respect.  I felt like I was another one of their gold-plated clients there and I appreciated it.

That’s all I really wanted to say with this Consumer Service Review of the Intercontinental in San Francisco.  I give them two thumbs up for taking care of me.

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