Consumer User Product Review – Motorola Droid X from Verizon Wireless – Pt 3 [The Left Menu Screens]

by on November 11, 2010

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Motorala DROID X Smartphone

Today continues my consumer product review of my exploitative adventure using my new Motorola Droid X from Verizon Wireless.  As I mentioned before, I’m having a blast using one of the best smartphones around and so far every expectation I’ve had of it has come to be a great experience.  So far, I’m all thumbs up, though that doesn’t necessarily help with texting or using the touch screen!

Today I thought I’d touch on some of the menu screens that I have been using.  Specifically the screens to the left of the home screen/page.  Keep something in mind…  I’m a generic user who doesn’t supe up his phone with apps from every corner of the verse… I’m a plain old, pick up the phone and use it, kind of guy.  With that said… still, I can’t help but have fun with what was already pre-packaged with the Droid X OS.

Droid X Left most Menu Screen (L2):

I’ve not had any chance to customize any input screen yet so I still have the stock five screens available to me.  The left-most screen is where I can turn on or off my bluetooth, GPS, airplane mode and hotspot services.  This screen also tells me the weather & allows me to interact with the “3G Mobile” function, “maps” & “My Account.”


Sadly, the weather feature is linked to Accuweather and if you’ve ever seen any of my experiences with Accuweather, I don’t have a ton of faith in that particular service.  I’m hoping somewhere down the road I can change services.  Why?  One day Accuweather told me it was raining where I was while all I saw is blue sky.  Earlier this week it told me it was partly sunny while I was standing under all-blue skies.  On a different occasion, it told me it was partly sunny out… at 7 PM at night.  Go figure!  They should call it Randomweatherguess, but that’s just me.

But what I do like about the weather feature is that the phone uses the GPS mode and automatically pulls up the weather for where you are and you can see the predicted lows and highs for the day.  (Totally Awesome)


The Maps function is completely cool.  You thump it and using the menu key, you can choose to show on the map where you are right now.  This was somewhat of a fun feature during my road trip and if you ever became lost, i could foresee this providing an invaluable since it works off of GPS and the stored map in the phone if you ever get out of range of services.  (I’m presuming the map location is stored to some degree.) It was also fun to pull up a map of the state of California and see exactly, where, in my road trip that I was at.

I haven’t played with the “3G Mobile” or “My Account” yet.

Droid X L1 Menu Screen (1 left of Home Screen)

Here I have a “Google search” window, “Time and Date” (that I’ve added to this screen), message (text) alerts, Gmail, Skype, “Backup Assistant” & Messaging buttons.

Google Search

If you need to bring up the web to look for something, the Google Search window helps you skip a step and go directly to searching for what you want.  It’s efficient as a time-saver.


Droid2 X menu w GMAIL

This is the window where I’ve used the Gmail button the most & have not tinkered with anything else yet.  If you are a Gmail user (I highly recommend it.  Once you get used to the message threading, it makes other email processes seem cumbersome.)  With this being a Google OS based phone, you will be tickled to realize that once you have logged into your Gmail account, your online account gets synced up with your phone.  Suddenly you find that access to Gmail is almost easier to interact with than on your PC.  Along with the seamless integration, your phone & Gmail/Google calender get synced up/updated with any events you have placed in either location.   That’s totally awesome if you use the calendar as a reminder tool.

As far as I’m concerned, this GMAIL interface works wonderfully and no additional app needs to be added to take its place!

At This Point

As of now, I haven’t tinkered with my message (text) alerts, Skype, “Backup Assistant” & Messaging buttons.  So far everything I need in this window has served my purposes very well.  The only thing I may ponder trying to figure out is how to get to my Google Bookmarks.  I’m sure there’s an app or a way but I haven’t found it yet. (I haven’t looked very hard yet.)

I’m also leery of snagging just any app.  There are so many out there that I want to make sure I take the time and decide on the best one for my purposes.  I’m not going to go app crazy but there are a few that I think really need adding.  I’ve seen when people go app-crazy on their PC’s then suddenly the thing is slow, buggy and what not.  Do you think that’s a random fail?  Not on the computer’s part!  So I’ll tread carefully.

Next up, my short blurb on, well, the right menu screens… but I bet you saw that one coming.

[menu screen image via Droid Bros Technically, it is a Droid 2 screen shot, but it illustrates my purpose and looks near identical.] (bmk)

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