Consumer User Review of the Motorola Droid X – Pt 4, [The HOME and Right Menu Screens]

by on November 17, 2010

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Motorala DROID X Smartphone

This is the fourth part of what’s turned into a five-part report on my new Motorola Droid X smartphone from Verizon Wireless. I’m having a blast with this phone and I think anyone that picks it up, will too. Today I will chat about my right-hand screens/menus and a bit about the Home Screen and what I’ve done to it. Shall we get on with it?

Droid X R1 Menu Screen (1 right of Home Screen)

Of the right side menus on my Motorola Droid X, the first screen I encounter has a set of contacts list / avatars across the top and on the bottom the ‘Voice Commands’, ‘Recent Calls’, ‘Search Contacts’ & ‘Favorites’ which is a shortcut to either the most called numbers in the contacts or most recent… I am leaning towards most called. It is an easier list to navigate if you know that who you’re going to call is in this list.

Right now for me I only have four contacts listed so it is real easy and that’s really all I have to say so far about this screen. I don’t spend too much time in it!

Droid X R2 Menu Screen (2 right of Home Screen)

The next menu over is my media screen. There’s a menu for my playlists, a large looking shortcut to playing media, and across the bottom we have ‘Media Share’, ‘Blockbuster’, ‘Camcorder’ & ‘Gallery’ buttons. In this screen I’ve only used the Gallery button to check out my recently taken pictures.

Navigating pictures seems pretty straight forward to me and of course the image viewing software has the cool two-finger zoom-in, zoom-out functions where touching an image with two fingers and spreading the contact distance between them zooms into the image.

I’ve enjoyed the quality of images and video that I have taken with the camera so far, though when taking images I’m not doing so with the expectation of top-notch imagery but rather as a quick, “Hey, check this out!” sort of mentality.

The camera is pretty easy to use with on-screen and hardware buttons to operate different functions.

Droid X R3 Menu Screen (3 right of Home Screen)

My screen that is 3 screens right of the Home on my Verizon Wireless phone is what looks like an RSS feed channel. At this rate, I’m not sure if it is one of my own feeds or if it came set up with the phone. (I have a few dozen feeds I follow off-phone so until I sit down and stare at it, it will remain a potential consumer mystery. I love mysteries so sometimes it is fun to let them stay around longer than they really should!)

My Home Screen [Center Menu Screen]

My home screen is where it’s at, or at least now that I’ve somewhat customized it, that’s where it’s at now.

Along the top is a pull-down menu (This is on all the screens actually) showing you system messages like what’s in your text messages box, updates to your Gmail or Facebook accounts (Unless you’re turned them off), missed calls, etc..

At the bottom of the ‘Home Screen’ I have ‘Text Message’, ‘Browser’, ‘Market’ & ‘Voicemail’ short cuts.

I haven’t played with the Text Message shortcut yet, but the Browser is a great interface with the web and it has that two-finger zoom function like the image app does. That makes a big difference because the browser packs the entire page on the huge (for a “phone”) 4.3″ screen at first and you find you need to zoom in and out and slide around to see different parts of the web page you’re looking at.

As far as I can tell the browser interprets the web page on its own and the websites do not need to be optimized for this mobile web visitor. This function alone seems to make the premise of mobile web visitor modifications to a website an up and coming thing of the past and I feel bad of anyone who might have dropped an s*load of money on a programmer to make their site phone friendly. Of course it wasn’t a bad investment because many phones out there are an older beast, but with the Android OS becoming the majority OS being sold to consumers, it will only be a matter of time before my early statement starts to ring more true. (Ha!! ‘ring’… that was an unintended pun.)


The Market is where you can go shopping, so to speak to snag apps for your phone. OMG, there are one or two apps… for every minute of the day! I’ve been playing it mellow and only grabbing the necessities to get by with some functions and I’ll touch on that in my next report.

ShortCuts on the Droid X Home Screen

Ah… shortcuts. Depending on how many functions you end up using from your phone there are multiple ways to get to your apps. The method I was first using was actually remembering what screen they were on and sliding on over to it. But alas, I have graduated to a more seasoned user… not seasoned, just more seasoned!

On the Main Menu, it comes with the Text Messages, Browser, Market and Voicemail buttons. But when I pressed the menu hard button, I had an option to ‘Add’.

Pressing ‘Add’ brings up the menu “Add to Home Screen” and I can choose to add Motorola Widgets, Android Widgets, Shortcuts, Folders & Wallpapers.

I’ve chosen shortcuts and on the “Select Shortcut” menu I can choose from quite a few options. Keep in mind that most menu can be slid up and down for more options.

For me, my Droid X home screen now has the functions I use more regularly and I’m not spinning my wheels, or screen pages, as it may be.

I now have News & Weather (super handy), RealCalc (Add on App), Gmail, Settings, TeslaLED (Add on App), Camera, HootSuite (Add on App), Maps, Tricorder & Facebook* (Add on App) on my main, or Home screen.

*Still tryin’ to figure it out because it doesn’t use the standard hard-button menu for its options like the other apps do.

With my Home screen set up, I’m now pretty happy with my phone set up. The most useful of my apps … well, hang on. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me sign off on this part and in an upcoming and final review I’ll chat about the general characteristics of the phone, apps, power consumption and what not.

Thanks for coming by and checking out my product review of the Motorola Droid X for Verizon Wireless.

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