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I don’t know about you but I am very slowly getting tired of Facebook, the antics they pull with your feed and the things they allow to happen in and around your own account. From security settings of other users impacting my own feed, to memes that trick you into commenting or sharing, to FB making it so everyone can see everything you post and like. If you think about it, if everything you saw posted on FB was an email from a friend, would you only reply with an emoticon or a big thumb? Or would you actually engage in conversation? Then again, this is the era of Twitter, where 140 characters very well seems to be our digestible tolerance on the web these days. No one wants to commit any time to things any more.

Facebook… You used to be able to log in, look around, say hi to folks here and there, post a few things to your feed or your page ( or to pages, if you run pages) and the like. But of late, it’s become more the chore to log in and navigate the bullshit that is Facebook.

Facebook is a communication tool, laced with so much advertising and marketing lures that it has over 1 billion users daily, and it makes about $35 million a day off these various practices. And here I thought Pokemon Go’s million a day was good money for an app!!!

If you step back and look at it, we step right in it with everything that goes on within Facebook, and the other day, I had some inspiration, stepped back to look at what I was doing on or with FB and made a choice, for now, to step away from my personal feed.

FB lures users into a kind of “see me” mentality, as we get carried away or lured by the psych of FB. If you think about it, users get baited into reposting and responding to memes or “digital dares,” that “test your knowledge.” Users get baited with “National Enquirer-like” headlines that are open questions or unfinished sentences. And we’re sucked in by these social media distractions and tricks. And OMG, have you seen the crap they call “math” these days in the FB memes?

And as we post about our day-to-day lives, users also find themselves empowered by the likes and comments of our digital friends. Or, become digitally empowered.

When you dwell on it, to some degree, posting is like writing letters to friends to let them know how we’re doing. Every day. But then why don’t we just fire up the email app, put in a few dozen email addresses, (or in some cases, about a thousand emails) then start going on and on about what we did today, with pictures!!!??? And send that instead. And do that every day!

Facebook can be a very useful communication tool. It’s like live email.

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Are you getting tired of saying something on Facebook and having people you really don’t want in the conversation chiming in? Yea, some folks chime in where they’re not needed. But that is the nature of the Book of Face, but there are ways to limit who can see what you post to your own feed. (Though of late, everyone can see when you comment or like on anything else in the world.)

The best way to limit who can see your post is to…

Create a Facebook List To Restrict Who Can See Your Posts

If you find yourself often changing up who can see posts you put out there, and on occasion, only want specific folks to see specific posts, consider using Facebook lists.

A list is a just that, a list of names, defined by who you add to it. In some cases, you can make a Family List, or a Hobby List. Or a what ever you want list.

Here’s how you can create lists:

On FB, look at the left side of your news feed and you can see EXPLORE. Under that, you should see ‘Groups,’ ‘Events,’ and the like. In that same section is ‘Friend Lists.’

As you can see, FB has been busy setting up lists “for you” that include things you may have in your past or have visited or shown some kind of interest in, over the months.

At the top is “Create List.”

Click it.

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SAMSUNG Update Changed Settings

January 17, 2017

My wife and I own Samsung S6 smartphones. We’re not unhappy with them, but they do have their quirks. But nothing you can’t usually get past. Like for instance, the HORRIBLE Samsung spell checking mechanism. It changes words it does not need to or makes “fixes” that aren’t needed. Here are some classic Samsung spell […]

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You Are Responsible For Donald Trump Becoming President!

November 9, 2016

Embed from Getty Images – I’m not sure if you know it, but everyone involved in the presidential election race are directly to blame or credit for Donald Trump becoming elected to be our next President. – When Donald Trump came on the scene saying he wants to run for President, I thought it was […]

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Do Website Ads Drive You Away?

October 31, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened a website on my phone, only to have to have a scrolling-down fight with all their f*ing pop-up ads. More than half the time, I’ve just hit the back arrow and bailed on the website because it seems to be […]

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How To Stop WhatsApp From Sharing Your Data With Facebook

August 26, 2016

WhatsApp And Facebook are now sharing data, ticking off their users, after WhatsApp has announced they’ll be sharing your data with Facebook. This is a little rundown on what they’re doing and how to opt out if you want to.

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Need To Replace Windows Media Player?

August 2, 2016

Of late, my Windows Media Player is acting like a P.o.S., where it makes me wait around 30 seconds between playing videos, or that it constantly accesses my Cd drive when I start a video. How annoying. Add that to my woes with my MS operating system and the known update snags it seems to […]

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POKEMON GO And Saving Battery Juice

July 31, 2016

IF you are one of the millions who have downloaded and started playing Pokemon Go, then you have discovered how battery-sapping the game can be. The cell phone industry, specifically, the battery makers must be loving this latest trend, as folks are trying to figure out how to stay out in the field longer while […]

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Who Is 424-239-5373 Or “VR INTERVIEW?”

July 21, 2016

So who is this entity behind the telemarketer whose phone number comes up as (424) 239-5373? Who claim to be with “VR Interview?” I’ll tell you what they are. They’re rude, annoying and conducting illegal telemarketer practices. – How we came to know this phone number is that they started calling my wife. Over the […]

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POKEMON GO Tips, For Players And Non-Players Alike

July 20, 2016

Pokemon Go, has captured the imagination of millions and millions want to know what can give them the edge of gaining the experience points.

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The Danger of Blind FACEBOOK Friend Requests

July 5, 2016

Lately I’ve seen several friends put up Facebook posts that say not to accept friend requests from them because their profiles have been hacked. And more and more we’re seeing warnings about this very issue. It’s not a new practice to FB, but every now and then the warnings make the rounds and you or […]

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Could Anton Yelchin’s Tragedy Have Been Avoided?

June 28, 2016

It’s obvious we may all know about it, but in case you missed it, but up and coming actor Anton Yelchin, who played Chekov in the new Star Trek movies, has died via a tragic accident at his home involving his Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. He has up to five movies that he’s been working […]

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I Can’t Turn On My Samsung S6, Help!

May 10, 2016

The other day my Samsung S6 froze up on me and I could not turn it on or off. Find out how I rescued myself and how I fixed by Samsung S6. – – – The other day I was watching a video that I had downloaded from Amazon (because Netflix does not have that […]

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STARBUCKS Reminds Us About Their Diminished Rewards Program

April 11, 2016

I received an email from Starbucks reminding me about the short end of the stick they’re giving their customers concerning their rewards program. I mean seriously, a while back, I wrote about how Starbucks ( Starbucks must think we are idiots ) announced that we, the customers, asked for a change to the program where […]

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Get The Best Price And Best Gasoline For Your Gas Mileage

March 17, 2016

Check out how I saved between $30 to $60 on gasoline in the last month! And how you can save around $700 a year on fuel. And what I learned along the way about gasoline quality! – I don’t know if you’ve noticed but gas prices are starting to climb again. All because OPEC or […]

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Can We Trust Hillary Clinton In Office And With Our Country’s Secrets?

February 29, 2016

Disclaimer: It’s not that I like or dislike Hillary Clinton. She’s a politician, and I’ll leave it at that. My issue is that I have zero respect for her after the debacle with the classified email server scenario on her home’s personal computer. It seems that they found thousands of emails on her computer, some […]

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STARBUCKS Must Think We Are Idiots

February 23, 2016

Starbucks is changing their rewards program. You know the one, where getting 12 stars can get you a Starbucks freebie. According to Starbucks, they are instigating the #1 member-requested update. Or an exciting new program! (For them). That update is to make us pay a hell of a lot more before we can redeem a […]

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Why Stay With Verizon When T-Mobile Offers Free Streaming?

January 20, 2016

I don’t know where my brain has been but the other night I walked past a T-Mobile cellular store here in Morgan Hill and I saw a sign on the store front that said I could get free Netflix and HBO streaming without it costing me and taking up my bandwidth, unlike my Verizon account, […]

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