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I use the term “us” lightly. I have a few folk that help me out here and there around, but they have lives. I’m the obsessed one here! Any how, if you want to contact the site because you

  • Have a question,
  • Want me to look something up or research for you,
  • An inside tip (I can hope, can’t I?),
  • Need to know where to send a screener to,
  • Or you wanna chat

You can fire off an email to Bruce4Brusimm over on GMAIL dot com.

If you’re wanting to contact “us” because you’re absolutely head over heels about the site and want to know if you can contribute something that you feel passionate about, by all means, fire me off a question. I’d be more than happy to consider any and all writing contributions. (All credit given to the author)

As always, you can follow in any of these ways:

And above all else, thank you so much for coming by this little corner of the web!

Bruce Simmons January 12, 2012 at 8:07 am

KATIE… I only report on what articles I see. I have nothing more to do with casting any show or movie unless I hold a contest via a post. And you should really not leave your personal info on ANY website post blindly. The web cruises with many a foul critter…

Katie Nichols January 11, 2012 at 10:43 pm

Hi my name is Katie Nichols. I am interested in casting call and auditions. If you could contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx (ph # removed. site editor.). I can send my portfolio. Thank You