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American Sunset with Corey Haim

For many, Corey Haim represents a classic 1987 vampire movie titled The Lost Boys.  In it Corey starred along-side Dianne Wiest, Bernard Hughes, some kid named Kiefer Sutherland, and Corey Feldman.

Since then, as any Corey Haim fan can tell you, he’s been in quite a few projects since then.  Dream a Little Dream, Blown Away, Lost Boys: The Tribe, Crank: High Voltage and the 2010 film, American Sunset.  According to IMDb, he has one more movie coming out in 2011, an indie crime drama titled Decisions.

Corey Haim in American Sunset

But for the Corey Haim fan, in case you weren’t aware, American Sunset is now available on DVD, from Global Universal.  It’s gone to DVD due to the overwhelming demand from his fans.

Corey Haim and Angela Cullins in American Sunset

In American Sunset, we watch a confused and twisted man by the name of Tom Marlow (played by Haim).  His wife has been kidnapped and he starts receiving clues from the kidnappers with the tease that he can find his wife alive if he follows the clues and it all comes down to an ending that has a great twist that I didn’t see coming.

American Sunset is directed by Michael Masucci & written by Jacqueline Giroux (Bolt).

Here is a video where Corey talked about his role in the movie, and below that, the press release for the American Sunset DVD, with links to the product!


Global Universal Successfully Enters Online DVD Sales With Popular Demand For American Sunset

Los Angeles, CA – (WORLD STOCK WIRE) – Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. a publicly traded entertainment Company (OTCBB: GBHL), and its Canadian affiliate, Global Universal Pictures (“Global Pictures”), announces the on-line distribution of the Company’s action thriller, American Sunset, exclusively on the film’s website:

, operated by Global Universal Film Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of GBHL.

Due to an overwhelming demand from moviegoers, predominantly the late Corey Haim’s loyal fan base, Global Universal has launched the Company’s DVD sales division. With the Company having experienced a number of orders far in excess of what it had anticipated, just on the first day of availability, it was necessary for the Company to outsource the production of additional copies of the film.

“As is frequently the case with mainstream Hollywood, the movie has met its fair share of resistance. Corey Haim was a much admired Child Actor and Teen Heartthrob. His extraordinary talent was well recognized by distinguished critics at a very young age, firmly planting the establishment of his persona as the adorable little boy next door.” stated Jackie Giroux, American Sunset’s Producer.

“It’s well known how unforgiving Hollywood can be to grown up child stars, but the fans emphatically embrace him still… We have received abundant correspondence demanding an opportunity to see his final contribution to the film industry and the world. In the exclusive behind the scenes footage, Corey stated “I Want Everyone to See This Movie”, and his public will now have the opportunity to enjoy his exceptional performance in American Sunset. It is in his memory, and with this resolve that we move forward, passionately, to make this production, and others still to come, a smashing success.” concluded Ms. Giroux.

The Highly Acclaimed Film, American Sunset, features Corey Haim in his final performance as an adult leading actor. “Corey brought American Sunset to life with his outstanding performance.” stated Gary Rasmussen, CEO of Global Universal Film Group. He continues: “Between the talented cast, the exceptional directing, and the spellbinding plot of this film, it leaves nothing to be desired but a need to watch it again. We expect our internet sales to reflect these factors, as the popularity of this film continues to grow.”

American Sunset unravels a mysterious conspiracy with numerous spellbinding plot twists revolving around a kidnapping ploy that robs a devoted husband of his true love, while playing a game that prolongs her safety by correctly responding to the kidnapper’s riddles. One wrong answer means fatal consequences. As the pursuit to save his wife plunges Haim’s character deeper into a corrupt world, the greedy, deceptive and immoral motives become increasingly obvious; this is not just a random kidnapping for money, this is deadly personal.

The Movie, American Sunset, is NOW AVAILABLE in DVD and Blu-ray for distribution worldwide on the film’s Official website: Please visit the site and view the trailer.

Bonus image for the Corey fan that made it to the bottom of the article!:

Corey Haim in Decisions


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Bruce E. Simmons (BruSimm) March 10, 2011 at 8:29 am

Diane, I am really bummed that you encountered that scenario with the website and Pay Pal. Grr.

Diane March 10, 2011 at 8:06 am

At first, it would seem that the official website of American Sunset, which is the only place to get said film, that the buyer can choose to buy the film by using his/her credit card or PayPal. However, the website actually does not give any buyer a choice to only use a credit card or only to use PayPal. In other words, regardless that a buyer chooses to use his/her credit card only, the American Sunset website wants the buyer to only give his/her PayPal password and to only use PayPal to buy the American Sunset DVD. Also, if a buyer chooses to use his/her credit card due to not having a PayPal account in the first place, the website stops the buyer from buying the DVD by not advancing the buyer to the next page during the ordering process. I do not have a PayPal account and the website had deliberately, as well as, unfairly stopped me from ordering a film that he had made, which I really wanted to have very much so. I was very hurt and I was angered by the treatment that I had received from the website, which of course, is wrong for the website to do so in reference to myself, including other buyers, as well.

According to the PayPal website, it absolutely does not want its members to give out his/her password to anyone outside of the PayPal’s website due to security reasons. No doubt therefore, it would therefore stand to reason that the security reasons would be in reference to identity theft and money taken from a person’s bank account. My husband refused to give out his PayPal password to a website that is in his opinion to be a suspicious and untrustworthy website for security reasons. I’m in agreement with my husband’s decision and I can only blame the American Sunset Official website for preventing me from getting one of Cory Haim’s final films while I was in the process of ordering the American Sunset DVD from the website. It would stand to reason, no doubt from my husband’s point of view, that a websites should never asks a buyer for his/her PayPal password because of security reasons. And it’s not right in so doing, therefore websites are of course are doing a n0-no due to it’s literally the wrong thing to do so in the first place. Anyway, no offense to the American Sunset Official website and to the distributors, as well.

I really hope that the distributors would be fair enough to buyers to release the American Sunset DVD to the Amazon website and other websites, as well, in order for buyers to be able to buy the DVD from them without giving out his/her PayPal password directly to the other websites. No doubt, these buyers would want to be given the chance to buy the DVD instead of being kept from buying the DVD by whomever. Hopefully, the DVD can also be shown on HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Starz TV stations, including other TV stations, in order for many people to see Corey Haim in one of his last films. Cory was such a marvelous young actor, whom I loved very much so as a fan to an actor, and it would be very nice for the distributors to allow for more people to see Corey and his film, which of course would give Corey justice and it would also be more of a tribute to him, as well.

Stephanie L January 1, 2011 at 8:22 am

No one really thinks that American Sunset was a good movie. Fans are sentimental about it because they likes his work from years ago. I would highly suspect that the “rave reviews” and positive comments are made by people involved in the production of the movie. They kept saying that it was going to get theatrical release. Wishful thinking or what.

Caroline December 17, 2010 at 3:49 pm

By whom is this film highly acclaimed? It is a terrible movie. I do not know anyone who watched it who thought it was good. As much as I would have hoped for this to be a real second chance for Corey Haim, it wasn’t. It was a low budget, poorly written, poorly acted movie that barely belonged on tv. His fans are in total denial if they think this was a great comeback effort.

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